July 7, 2014

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – July 2014


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No slack here at Redfish Technology!

June recruiting covered a lot of high tech territory with hiring in Customer Loyalty Software Technology, Semantic Intelligence Software, ePayment Stealth Mode Startup, Social Music Connection Platform, and Mobile Applications sectors. The hottest roles hired for included: Project Manager, Senior Account Executive, Senior Database Administrator, Data Team Manager, and Senior DevOps Engineer. (more…)


April 21, 2014

Why Employers Should Include a 48-Hour Expiration Date in an Offer Letter

By Meredith Dean, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Meredith Dean, IT Recruiter

The whole point of any hiring process is to fill a current hiring need. The hiring process isn’t done until it’s done. That means getting the offer letter signed and assuring that the candidate arrives at the new employer on the appointed day.


So as soon as the ideal candidate is identified: make the offer, manage the variables, and minimize the risks to successfully hiring him/her. (more…)


October 28, 2013

How Do I Out-Compete My Rivals for the Best Talent? By Rob Reeves, CEO, President Redfish Technology, Nationwide High Tech Recruiters

How Do I Out-Compete My Rivals for the Best Talent?

Rob Reeves, CEO, Tech Recruiter

Rob Reeves, CEO, Tech Recruiter

Recruiting Outside the Box

By Rob Reeves, CEO, President Redfish Technology, Nationwide High Tech Recruiters


Companies compete to give customers what they want.


By now the strategy of giving your customers what they want is ubiquitous, the days of getting any color car as long as it is black are long gone. Those companies that can give customers the best widget at the best price the most quickly via the delivery method of their choice wins the day. Many a company has dwindled and died for lack of ability to tune into the customers’ desires. Many an underdog identified a niche opportunity to meet an unmet need in the marketplace and running with it secured a leadership role in the industry. (more…)


August 19, 2013

More Companies Are Hiring MBA Grads in 2013

More Companies Are Hiring MBA Grads in 2013Now Hiring

The fortunes of recent MBA graduates were rocked when the 2008 recession hit and employers froze hiring and significantly scaled back growth estimates. Fortunately, the economy has rebounded and jobs for MBA graduates have followed. In 2013, companies around the globe stated their intention to hire a new crop of business school graduates, reports the Graduate Management Council, indicating that tides have changed for employees considering earning an MBA.

Benefits of Getting an MBA

The Master of Business Administration degree is consistently the most popular graduate degree in the United States, according to CBS News. Although some programs, like a San Diego MBA at Alliant.edu, offer one-year programs if you have the correct prerequisites, many traditional MBA degrees take two to three years of full-time work to complete. Most MBA programs consist of academic coursework in accounting, operations, economics, finance, marketing, leadership, management, and ethics. (more…)


August 12, 2013

The Best Cities To Work In – Glassdoor Employment Satisfaction Report Card

The Best Cities To Work In

Glassdoor Employment Satisfaction Report Card

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In the new Glassdoor survey respondents ranked the best cities to live in in terms of employment satisfaction. Overall employment satisfaction was compared by city, with factors such as compensation and benefits satisfaction, senior management satisfaction, expectations for company outlook, and the number of employers hiring per city taken into consideration.


San Jose and San Francisco took the lead at a score of 3.4 – Way to go brother friars! Each city is home to five Glassdoor’s Top 50 Best Places to Work for 2013 companies: San Jose (Google #6, LinkedIn #14, Agilent Technologies #30, Intel #31, Apple #34) & San Francisco (Facebook #1, Riverbed Technology #3, Chevron #13, Workday #19, Salesforce.com #22). The top five were in a photo finish! Seattle, WA also scored 3.4, with Salt Lake City, UT and Washington, DC nipping at its heels at 3.3 each.


Software Engineer was the top in-demand job in 4 of the top five cities, and among the top three in-demand jobs in 7 of the top ten cities on the report card. Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Business Analyst and Sales Associates ranked high in the top cities, and Personal Trainer was in the top three in San Diego, proving that the economy must truly be in recovery.


When you are considering relocation, employment satisfaction surveys like this are a great source of information among othes. For other important criteria to consider, read Redfish recruiter Leah O’Flynn’s article “Should You Move for a Job?


Check out the complete results:


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