September 29, 2010

Employee Retention, It’s about the Bottom Line

Employee Retention

It’s about the Bottom Line

Turnover is a money drain. Every time you lose a valued employee, you’re losing money. Despite the currently high unemployment rate, employee retention at all levels throughout your organization remains an important part of your business process. The more stable your workforce, the more focuses you can be on your mission and your bottom line. (more…)


August 23, 2010

Employee Engagement and the New Deal

Employee Engagement and the New Deal

Whether or not this is indeed a watershed moment as the 2010 Global Workforce Study (GWS) by Towers Watson posits, clearly Employee Engagement is of paramount importance to the success of your business.

Top companies recognize that employee engagement is a key force behind success. Employee engagement impacts every aspect of how satisfied the customers are, how smoothly suppliers are involved into the production of the company’s good or service, how efficiently tactical plans are carried out, how consciously quality and improvement are integrated into the company’s practices, and bottom-line: how profitably a company performs. Think of employee engagement as the equivalent of customer loyalty. (more…)


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