October 20, 2014

Redfish Technology Recruiting Candidate Satisfaction Survey Results

The Results of the Third Quarter Candidate Satisfaction Survey are in!

Redfish Technology Candidate Satisfaction Survey Results Q3 2014
Redfish Technology Candidate Satisfaction Survey Results Q3 2014


As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, this on-going survey asks candidates placed by the high tech recruiters at Redfish Technology for feedback on the recruiting process. Candidate experience and satisfaction is of great importance to Redfish, as recruiting is a partnership and must be a win-win proposition. The feedback was very positive overall with some areas for improvement identified; most candidates were directly recruited while about a quarter of placements found Redfish opportunities via the company’s marketing efforts.


Placed candidates were asked:

  • How well did your recruiter understand your personal goals for job placement?
  • How would you rate the match for the position you were hired for?
  • During which stages of the recruiting process did you have the best communication with your recruiter?
  • During which stages of the recruiting process did you have the least effective communication with your recruiter?
  • Did your recruiter give you an accurate and thorough understanding of the hiring process, role, company?
  • How would you rate your overall experience with Redfish Technology?
  • How likely are you to recommend Redfish to other colleagues or hiring managers? (more…)

July 11, 2011

Staffing & Employment News from Redfish Technology

Staffing & Employment News

Gloom and confidence, contradictory predictions on hiring and profits


Gloomy employment report numbers a surprise

The Employment Report for June has been called “moribund” and “abysmal”. On the eve of the report however, ADP predicted month-to-month strength in private payroll data, estimating a 157,000 gain. Other analysts also predicted better gains, projecting 125,000 in June. Instead, the BLS reported private payrolls at 75,000 and overall nonfarm payrolls at 18,000 due to declines in government sector employment (39,000 in June, 48,000 in May).

Confidence down despite projected rise in profits

The Conference Board measure of CEO Confidence dipped in the second quarter to 55, after rising in Q1 to 67. Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center said: “CEO confidence cooled considerably in the second quarter, a reflection of a sluggish U.S. economy. Looking ahead, expectations are that this slow pace of economic growth will continue. Regarding the outlook for profits over the next 12 months, the news was a bit more favorable, with about 70 % of CEOs anticipating profit increases.”  (more…)


January 10, 2011

The Results of the Redfish Work-Life Tips Survey are . . .

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Redfish Survey Work-Life Tips

In December we looked at some tips for people to achieve work-life balance and put forth our own survey. The results of the Redfish survey (as of the first week of January) are:

Work-Life Balance Tips, Ranking:


  1 = Not Important , 2 = Somewhat Useful , 3 = Important , 4 = Very Important , 5 = Most Important
Answer Rating Score*
Do a Job You Love 3.9
Set Your Priorities for both Work and Play 3.9
Set Work Boundaries / Respect Your Private Time 3.9
Be Healthy (Get Enough Sleep, Exercise, Eat Healthy) 3.8
Schedule Personal Time Each Day 3.7
Take More Vacations and Time Off 3.6
Get Organized, Focus on Priorities 3.5
Focus on One Thing at a Time 2.7
Have Lunch in Bangkok Every So Often 2.5
Get a Life Coach or Mentor 2.1

    *The Rating Score is the weighted average calculated by dividing the sum of all weighted ratings by the number of total responses.       


  • Bangkok?, how about the French Riviera or a villa in the Swiss Alps? These I would have said “Most Important”
  • LOL, like the last one.
  • I believe that real time off (not when you are checking emails and taking calls all the time) is very important.
  • Be flexible when necessary, but keep the balance.

 What do you think? 

This survey is still open. If you want to weigh in, please do.       

Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

Here is a collection of tips for the busy CEO to the rest of us. The Inc staff has compiled vignettes by CEOs with advice on creating equilibrium between work and play such as having lunch in Bangkok. Salary.com provides 14 tips attainable by the rest of us such as setting priorities and boundaries, scheduling time for ourselves, and recharging our batteries.
Read the full article     


October 11, 2010

Staffing & Employment News, Redfish October Newsletter

Staffing & Employment News

from the Redfish Technology October Newsletter

C-Level Confidence:

There is growth in hiring in the private sector. The third quarter Vistage CEO Confidence Index survey showed the level of confidence up for the 7th consecutive quarter. Reportedly 46% of CEOs plan to expand their workforce in the 3rd quarter survey, up from 39% a year ago. According to the latest survey by CareerBuilders and USAToday, 21% of employers plan to hire in the fourth quarter. Last quarter 25% of employers reported adding to headcount, and the previous two quarters of 2010 also saw improvements both in sequential and year over year hiring. While a lot of the hiring is for impermanent positions, many employers plan to transition workers to permanent positions. According to the survey, the positions most likely to be hired for contract or temporary staff in the last quarter of 2010 are: IT (27%), Administrative (25%), Engineering (12%), Finance and Accounting (12%), Sales and Marketing (10%), and Creative & Design roles (9%). The American Staffing Association’s staffing index rose to the highest level in two years. Hitting a reading of 100 in the week of Sept. 20th, this is the first time since May 2008 that the index has reached 100. (more…)


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