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Hot Tech Salary and Trend Highlights

Hot Tech Salary and Trend Highlights

Choice Salary Tech Ranges - Info from Robert Half 2013 Technology Salary Guide

Choice Salary Tech Ranges – Info from Robert Half 2013 Technology Salary Guide

from the Robert Half 2013 Technology Salary Guide


“Money may not be all IT employees consider when choosing to join or stay with your firm, but it’s certainly one of their key benchmarks.”

Attracting and retaining top tech talent requires a concerted plan. To attract the best and brightest, companies must be dynamic and growing, and must provide a work environment and benefits that motivate employees.

A lot of leading edge tech companies offer gyms, free healthy lunches, child care, transportation, flextime, work from home, and professional development opportunities in addition to good health insurance, 401Ks, and options. As the market improves, the competition over top talent only becomes more acute. Whether actively looking for new opportunities or not, top talent is being pitched on a consistent basis. In addition to these perks and benefits, your employees are shopping salaries.

Salary Ranges

The Robert Half Technology Salary Guide for Technology Professionals is of interest to hiring managers and employees because of the salary information contrasting 2012 and 2013 for a number of technology job titles.

The highest U.S. salaries in the guide in 2013 include salaries for positions from the c-suite to PC Technicians. As an example:

Chief Information Officers range from $145,500 to $234,750, Chief Technology Officers $125,500 – $195,500, Vice Presidents of Information Technology $127,750 – $186,500.

The data and database administration specialties offer very competitive salaries. Data Warehouse Managers earn from $108,750 to $145,750, Data Architects $104,250 – $143,500, Database Managers $101,750 – $140,750, and Database Developers $86,500 – $126,250.

In Security related technology positions, Information Systems Security Managers earn from $108,000 to $149,750, Data Security Analysts $95,000 – $129,750.

Network Architects bring in from $102,250 to $146,500. Software Development Product Managers are getting from $95,250 to $130,750, Software Engineers $83,500 – $127,750, and Software Developers $74,500 – $118,250.

In the Applications Development sector, Applications Architects earn from $103,750 to $140,500, Applications Development Managers $95,250 – $135,000, Mobile Applications Developers $92,750 – $133,500.

In the domain of Consulting and Systems Integration, Directors earn from $107,250 to $160,000, Project Managers $106,750 – $146,500, Senior IT Auditors $100,250 – $138,000.

Premium for Hot Skills

The hottest skills can add a significant boost to the above salaries. SharePoint, virtualization, Microsoft SQL Server database skills, PHP development, Java (Java EE, J2EE), C# development skills and Cisco network admin skills add 12% – 9% on average.

Premium for Hot Locations

The RHT Salary Guide also gives the local variance in starting salary ranges. New York, San Francisco, San Jose, and Boston demand among the highest premiums; Duluth, Lincoln, Youngstown, and Pueblo have among the deepest discounts to average national salary.

Location Premiums - Info from Robert Half 2013 Technology Salary Guide

Location Premiums – Info from Robert Half 2013 Technology Salary Guide







Demand in Big Data

High demand positions and skills are also discussed in the RHT Salary Guide. As Big Data and more ways to slice and dice it intelligently grow, positions such as database administrators, data mining engineers, data modelers, and data warehouse experts, and business intelligence developers are highly sought after.


The trend of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) is the combination of employees’ personal devices with office network access. Approximately one-third of employers allow this BYOD, which represents new IT management opportunities and challenges. As many tech-savvy professionals expect such access, having IT professionals with the business acumen and technical skills to manage it will allow companies to attract and enable this talent.

More Details

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