Job Seekers Who Work With Redfish Technology Say:

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Greg at Redfish. Greg first interviewed me on the next challenge that I was looking in the next role. He later presented and introduced me the role of CTO at Bloo Solar and gave me the opportunity to interview with the company. I am glad that this has worked out the very best in my interest.”
- Mohan Bhan
“Working with Beth from Redfish was amazing. She was understanding, dedicated, and knew exactly what I was qualified for. I could not ask for a better job to start my career right after graduating. The job offer was between me and another person and Beth pushed me through into the position. It’s nice to know someone put so much time and effort into ensuring that I got this job and that I was happy even after my hire. I have learned so much already and continue to grow excited about my job every day. I am extremely grateful to Redfish and Beth for helping begin an amazing career.” 
- Patty O’Hear
"It was my pleasure to work with Joanna Edwards during my quest to find the next opportunity in my career.  Joanna was very professional and respectful of my time and career achievements.  She worked very hard to match my qualifications with the opportunities that she had available.  Unlike other recruiters, she followed up on time, returned calls, communicated properly and coached me through the interview and salary negotiation.  I felt that I was dealing with a professional company and a professional recruiter.  She was well prepared and understood the needs of the companies she represented.  She gave me great advice that helped me secure my new position."
- Victor Nassar
“Working with Rob/Redfish has been a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Rob was always there to answer my questions and concerns. He provided me with all the detailed information about the new career direction that I was contemplating. As such, I was able to make an informed SWOT analysis of my career options and I am very happy with the results. I am highly appreciative and grateful for the services and the sensitivity that Rob/Redfish afforded me in my search for a better career and will positively recommend their services because of the assurance of optimum results.” 
- Nora Zwillick
“There is an increasing demand for employment solutions today that offer strategic integration to accelerate the process. In my opinion, Redfish went "over the top" for me there-by creating a pathway to achieve my maximum potential. They did this with respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity. Redfish ensured that all of their interactions benefitted parties and that both individual and company felt as if they "won".” 
- Richard Brangenberg
“I worked with many recruiters when looking for a job and Beth was easily the best.  She had a genuine interest in finding a job that was a perfect fit for me.  In such a short period of time she placed me at a company where I am doing the work I want to be doing. The whole process was made simpler because of her.  Thanks Beth”
- Adam Hauer
"The recruiting process went very smoothly while working with Joanna Edwards at Redfish Technology. She quickly differentiated herself and Redfish from other recruiters that I came across in my search with her professionalism and attention to detail. She helped me prepare for each step in the process efficiently and was able to answer my tough questions along the way. I am very excited about my new role and would never have found it if not for Redfish. Thank you very much!” 
- Mandy Lewis
“I wanted to take a minute to express a special thanks to you for your most professional attention to my placement at SPG. It was 100% your personal approach and your tenacity that made me open my eyes to the SPG opportunity. Every step of the way was a positive one when I spoke to you. I am sure that Redfish is honored to have you represent them on a daily basis. - Thank you again.”
- Douglas Sandlaufer, New Jersey
“From the moment Beth at Redfish called me about this job, her warmth and dedication were obvious. She guided me through the entire process, from first contact to my first day on the job. She kept me informed and ensured that everything went smoothly as possible, even after I had received the job offer. I’m extremely pleased with my new job working for a wonderful company and am very grateful to Redfish and Beth!” 
- Matt Grabczynski
“I have great respect for Joanna and would highly recommend her work. She and I began working together in 2009 and I was immediately impressed by the due diligence she conducted when researching candidates. Beginning with a search of my profile via LinkedIn, she subsequently increased her knowledge on my background and experience in a very comprehensive manner. All the while she demonstrated a level of professionalism and capability that places her as one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with. In summary, her depth of knowledge, experience, and work ethic, makes Joanna the best choice for professionals pursuing a career change”
Mark Petoskey
“Beth from Redfish contacted me about a position that I applied for online about 2 hours after I hit "submit resume". She walked me through the details of the position and the company. She was very comforting with all my questions and concerns and she was able to get back to me with answers from the company if needed. She kept me informed on each step of the hiring process and contacted me about any leads or changes from the company. We were able to work out a time and date for when I would be able to make in for an in-person interview. Seeing as this was a relocation position for me, she made sure that I was comfortable with the switch. As I told her, this was the perfect position for me and she worked to make sure I was able to at least get my foot in the door for an interview. I was very pleased with her attitude, service and friendly advice when it came to landing this amazing position for an amazing company.”
- John Friese
“I would like to express my appreciation for Greg’s efforts on my behalf in identifying and pursuing a new and exciting employment opportunity. His approach has been professional and courteous. I have been impressed with his commitment to me as a candidate, as well as the thoroughness of his follow-up. I found Greg to be of the highest level of integrity and honesty throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend to both Firms and Candidates to work with Greg.”
- Yousef Awad
“Working with Joanna was a wonderful experience. She was so supportive and presented me with a variety of opportunities, thoroughly explained the position and prepped me for my interview. Unlike many recruiters I have worked with in the past, she wasn’t trying to sell me or the position. Instead, Joanna was focused on finding the RIGHT job match for me and also the right person for the company. She was always available for questions/calls and particularly great at follow-up and feedback. I am absolutely loving my current role.” 
- Amy Labroo
"Rob and his colleagues at Redfish did an excellent job for me in not only finding me a great job opportunity, but also aligning me with a great career. Rob is knowledgeable about the clients he represents and the markets they are in. My experience with Redfish was most definitely the best I have encountered among recruitment and staffing agencies. In addition to being down to earth, Rob and his team are professional, personable, and punctual. I give my highest recommendation to Redfish for anyone seeking to enhance their career within the software/tech industry.”
- Gary Patten
“I also wanted to thank you personally Joanna, as is proper given that you have really "stuck by me" through this search. I am excited about my new post and look forward to sharing many tales of continued success when we meet in person”
 - Jackson Clark
“Working with Rob Reeves was a great experience. On the first initial contact I had a great grasp of the key qualities that the video gaming equipment company needed. Rob kept me in the loop all the way and gave great advice on the type of questions to ask and tips in answering the questions that could come my way. Rob even helped in negotiating my compensation which I was very happy with. I would certainly work with Rob again.” 
- Phil Dean
“Rob Reeves is the most intelligent, personable and exceptional recruiter I have ever worked with. The position he helped me obtain at a successful company was one of the best I've ever had. I always look Rob up first when I am considering a new position. He is best person to work with and I give him the highest possible recommendation.”
- Franklin Balluff
“Rob Reeves is the most professional and talented recruiter I have worked with. His great depth of knowledge, experience, and work ethic brings Rob to be the best choice for anyone choosing to change or pursue their career.”
- Bryan Iversen
“Redfish was instrumental in matching my skill-set with the appropriate niche position I was looking for. While other recruiters missed the boat on where my skills aligned, Kristan delivered a match-fit. She also has a very down-to-earth demeanor which is a pleasant contrast to the shark-infested head-hunting milieu.”
- Chad Glenn
“Redfish assisted with placing me in a perfect job that matched my needs and qualifications. He maintained consistent communication every step of the way including post hire. He is a true professional and I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for a dedicated recruiting professional”
- Robert C.
"I felt very fortunate to have connected with Redfish Technology at the time I was looking for my next opportunity. My requirements were complex as I wanted to gain exposure to new technology, work with a proven, reputable market leader with great leadership and return to the east coast. Redfish exceeded my expectations as we partnered on multiple opportunities each of which had their own requirements in their next hire. Andy was exceptional in providing the insight I needed to wade through not only the information on the organizations; but the interview and overall hiring process. He aided in providing honest and constructive feedback and gained my respect in the negotiations process. Andy was also gracious in following up in the weeks and months following my move to ensure I was happy with my placement. Grateful and appreciative of the experience, I would welcome the opportunity to work with Redfish Technology again." 
- Deanna Deery
“Redfish recently assisted me in finding a job that matched my needs and qualifications. In today's job environment it takes a lot of energy and commitment to maintain an open communication between the job seeker and the employer until you are actually hired. Austin maintained his high energy and professionalism throughout the hiring process. He is a dedicated recruiter who I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a job” Thank you Austin!”
- Yousuf Ziauddin

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