Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance

Are you the boss?

Inc. interviewed CEOs to get advice on achieving balance.

This Inc. article focuses on the CEO’s quest to create equilibrium between work and play. Passion for business and the ultimate executive responsibility may overwhelm. Advice from various executives spans living where you desire and practice a flexible work schedule, getting oneself and one’s organization organized, buffering work with leisure and play and designating personal time, dedication to one’s focus and taking only the work you like, and cutting unnecessary communications and meetings. Read vignettes from the CEOs directly when you access this article.

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Are you the staff?

Here are tips for you from

Juggling work and personal life is a challenge, but the results are clear. We all need Work-Life balance for our health, happiness and productivity. Assuming you need to restore balance in your life, this article provides 14 tips that cover setting priorities, tracking time, focusing on one thing at a time, scheduling time for yourself, respecting your own time, recharging your batteries, seeking support, exercising, setting boundaries, and finding a coach or mentor.

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