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Work-Life Balance and Workplace Flexiblity

The Dynamic Workplace and the Quadruple Bottom Line
We are shifting to a dynamic workplace, in which mobility and flexibility create enhanced productivity, cost savings, and environmental benefits. In order to remain competitive, companies need to learn how to manage location-neutral workers and all of the technology that goes along with it - “Adapt or Die”.
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Results-Only Work Environment
A Results-Only Work Environment is a rapidly growing management strategy that evaluates employees based on their performance, not their physical presence. In a ROWE, people focus on results and only results. The creators say that ROWE is not a flextime program such as telecommuting, compressed workweek, reduced hours, flexible schedules, or a “time off” program, but rather a that ROWE is all about accountability and trust. Nonetheless, ROWE is certainly an example of flexible workplace arrangements.
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Studies Show Teleworkers Have More Job Satisfaction than Traditional Office-Based Employees
Teleworkers are more productive and happier than office-bound colleagues. Studies continue to support the benefits to employees and employers of location-neutral flexible work arrangements. Employees have better work-life balance and more focus, employers are rewarded by greater employee effort! Win-win.
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Flexible Work Arrangements Promote Productivity
While balancing work and family has received a lot of attention over the years, the truth is there’s more smoke than fire. People work longer hours in downsized and super competitive work environments that pressure people to make family a second priority. Many workers feel they must choose between work and family. Either they must conform to get promotions or sidestep their career for the family--a tough and bitter pill to swallow.
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Work-Life Balance Becoming a Key Tool for Retention
This Workforce.com article, by Diane Kubal and Janice Newman, reviews the desire for flexible work arrangements by demographic preferences of workforce segments from boomers to working mothers. The article cites flexibility as key issues to both talent recruiting and retention, and offers anecdotes of various approaches from flex scheduling to telecommuting, and compressed workweeks to part-time scheduling.
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Workshifting Benefits: The Bottom Line, by Citrix and Workshifting.com
Workshifting, a term coined by Citrix Online, is the practice working from anywhere other than a traditional office through the use of web-based technology. (The older and more traditional terms for this are 'teleworking' or even 'telecommuting'.) This flexible approach to accomplishing work is an integral part of many companies’ work-life balance strategy. This paper quantifies the benefits of workshifting, specifically working from home, for employers, employees, and the community.
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Tips to Improve Work-Life Balance
Here is a collection of tips for the busy CEO to the rest of us. The Inc staff has compiled vignettes by CEOs with advice on creating equilibrium between work and play such as having lunch in Bangkok. Salary.com provides 14 tips attainable by the rest of us such as setting priorities and boundaries, scheduling time for ourselves, and recharging our batteries.
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Work-Life Balance and the Economics of Workplace Flexibility
The best available evidence suggests that encouraging more firms to consider adopting flexible practices can potentially boost productivity, improve morale, and benefit the U.S. economy. Especially at this time as the U.S. rebuilds after the Great Recession, it is critical for the 21st century U.S. workplace to be organized for the 21st century workforce.
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