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The Top 100 Web Resources for Managers

The Top 100 Web Resources for Managers


Managers are asked to fulfill numerous duties in order to keep an organization well balanced and working efficiently. Whether they’re overseeing specific projects, meeting with employees or assisting hands-on with daily functions, a manager’s role is to make sound business decisions that keep the company ahead of the competition.

The following list recognizes some of the top websites and blogs in multiple categories including Management, Human Resources, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, Finance, and IT Management.

There were many factors that went into the selection of these sites including web presence, number of visitors, content quality and peer recommendations. Each site offers a unique perspective on the subject of management and leadership in a business setting. In order to navigate to each management category, click on the section you wish to go to at the top of the page. Please note: websites are not listed in order of rank.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, HRM or simply HR, is the management of an organization’s workforce, or human resources. HR typically serves as the company’s primary liaison, doing tasks such as payroll, ensuring compliance with labor laws, organizing employee benefits and much more. Below you will find various blogs and sites that provide insight into the world of HR.

1. The HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist provides posts and reviews on a mixture of the HR practice, technology, and business results in today’s organizations.


2. Compensation Force

Compensation Force shares practical news, information, tips, and musings about employee performance and compensation.


3. Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent has become the equivalent of digital classifieds by putting up help wanted ads and having readers posts concerns and start discussions.


4. Know HR

Know HR provides organizational communication and custom software to some of the leading companies in the world and this is their blog where they can communicate their knowledge of human resources.


5. Gruntled Employees

Gruntled Employees provides helpful tips and solutions to make a happier and easier workplace for employees.


6. Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady is a blog dedicated on providing the truth about human resources departments and sharing details on exactly what happens behind the scenes.


7. Mister HR’s Blog

Mister HR’s Blog offers various and random human resources related information.


8. HR Bartender

HR Bartender is a friendly place to discuss work related issues and concerns.


9. Dr. Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker’s blog offers insight and information on management, human resources, and corporate coaching.


10. HRM Business

HRM Business share street smart human resource management and business practices.


11. True Faith HR

True Faith HR shares random and various posts on human resources theories and practices.


12. I am Jason Seiden.

I am Jason Seiden is Jason Seiden’s professional blog which offers information, advice, and posts about marketing and management.


13. Ask a Manager

Blogger Allison Green started blogging in May of 2007, and she helps readers answer tough questions about work and management.


14. Lance Haun, Life Between the Brackets

Blogger Lance Haun’s background includes 7 years of HR and 5 years of blogging and social media primarily in the recruiting space. Here, he blogs about issues facing HR and social media.


15. Shauna Moerke is…

Started in March, 2008 by Shauna Moerke, discusses human resource issues from a minion’s point of view.


Operations Management

Operations management is an area of management that deals with overseeing, coordination, and controlling the processes of production in regards to business operations. Strategizing and creating tactics is also a major part of this job. Listed below are several blogs and sites that offer more information about operations and project management.


16. Stepping Into Project Management

Stepping Into Project Management traces the journey of a project manager.


17. Guerrilla Project Management

Guerilla Project Management is a blog where you’ll find conversations about the mindset that project managers need to adopt to be able to effectively manage today’s complex projects.


18. Fear No Project – A Project Management Blog

Fear No Project is a project management blog that shares thoughts and experiences on issues affecting project manager and the world of project management.


19. Project Management Student

Project Management Student offers various resources for new and aspiring project managers to help reach their career goals.


20. Portals and KM

Portals and KM is a blog that shares ideas and discussions on new trends and technologies in business.


21. Quantmleap

Quantmleap shares random and various thoughts about project management and other important things in business.


22. Herding Cats

Herding Cats shares ideas, practices, and resources about increasing the probability of project success from someone who has had success in the field.


23. Eight to Late

Eight to Late are the musings on managing people, projects, and processes.


24. Margaret Meloni A Path To Peace

A Path To Peace is a site created by Margaret Meloni, who is an author, business owner, and professional coach.


25. The Critical Path by Derek Huether

The Critical Path offers free project management information, advice, and templates.


26. Leading Answers

Leading Answers offers leadership and project management ideas, observations, and links.


27. Bertrand Duperrins’ Notepad

Bertrand Duperrins’ Notepad provides various and random posts about the field of management, information, and communication technologies.


28. Manager Tools

Manager Tools is a blog all about providing resources and tools for managers and other information regarding the field of management.


29. Ron Rosenhead CEO of Project Agency

Ron Rosenhead’s site offers information on several topics in business and management such as project management, strategy, training, risk management, and much more.


30. The Enlightened Manager Blog

The Enlightened Manager Blog is the blog of Cheri Baker with Emergence Consulting and she helps employers develop, motivate, and retain a high performance workforce.


31. Noop.NL

Noop.NL has various sections that offer more information regarding public speaking and management.


32. The Project Management Hut

The Project Management Hut provides articles and information on training and job hunting for people in the field of project management.


33. A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

Project manager and blogger, Elizabeth, started A Girl’s Guide To Project Management to provide a female perspective on project management that she felt was lacking.


34. Crossderry Blog

Paul Ritchie is the author of Crossderry blog. The blog focuses on strategy, global business transformation, and technology management.


Strategic Management

Strategic management is a level of managerial activity that provides overall direction of the company and organization. Evaluating and controlling the business’s goals and strategies is one of the major responsibilities in this type of position. Below are various sites and blogs that share a bit more information on what strategic management and leadership entails.


35. Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom

Alexandra Levit’s blog offers up-to-the-minute career advice.


36. CEO Blog – Time Leadership

CEO Blog – Time Leadership shares the author’s philosophies on leadership and time management.


37. A Month of Italy

A Month of Italy is a blog kept by author Chris Brady who has written many books on leadership and management, and blogs about his ideologies.


38. Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog provides the latest news and most effective tips in leadership.


39. Great Leadership

Great Leadership offers tips and advice on leadership, public speaking, and consulting.


40. Tyner Blain

Tyner Blain is the personal blog of Tyner Blain who has expertise in software management and processes.


41. Create Learning

Create Learning is a blog all about team building.


42. Project Smart

Project Smart is a site that explores trends and developments in project management.


43. The Recovering Leader

The Recovering Leader shares advice and principles on leadership lessons for people in the business world.


44. Cathexis

Cathexis is a blog that offers posts and discussions on marketing and technology.


45. Orrin Woodward Blog

Orrin Woodward is the winner of the 2011 IAB Top Leader Award, and on his blog he shares his leadership secrets.


46. All Things Workplace

All Things Workplace is Steve Roesler’s blog about management and leadership in the workplace.


47. Management Craft

Management Craft offers posts and discussions about management and leadership.


48. Better Managers Blog

Better Managers Blog shares advice and information for managers who are looking to enhance their management and leadership skills.


49. Rich’s Management Blog

Rich’s Management Blog shares strategies and tactics on leadership, management, and how to help others succeed.


50. Creative Execs Blog

Creative Execs Blog offers and shares different perspectives in creative management.


51. Lauren Bloom’s Blog

Lauren Bloom is a business ethics speaker and consultant and on her blog she shares her thoughts on business ethics.


52. Joe and Wanda on Management

Joe and Wanda on Management is a blog narrated by two characters from Nick McCormick’s book, “Lead Well and Prosper,” where they share their management wisdom.


53. Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog 

Wally Bock’s Leadership Blog offers insight, information, and resources to help people work harder and live better lives.


54. Ed Batista Executive Coaching & Change Management

Ed Batista’s blog provides various resources on executive coaching and change management.


55. provides commentary by Michael Wade on leadership, ethics, and management.


56. BrandUNIQ

BrandUNIQ is a marketing blog that offers various resources and posts on marketing.


57. Joe Gerstandt, the value of difference

Joe Gerstandt, the value of difference is a site that offers resources and advice on helping organizations understand diversity and inclusion.


58. Blog: Strategic Planning

Blog: Strategic Planning shares various resources and helpful insight into the world of strategic planning.


59. LBL Strategies

LBL Strategies provide information on corporate leadership, skills development, and strategic management tools.


60. Successful and Outstanding Blog

Successful and Outstanding Blog provides helpful tips on leadership and how to build goals for yourself.


61. Business Toolkit – The “Biz” Toolkit

Jennifer Britton is a Professional Certified Coach and trainer who works with clients on business success, leadership, work-life balance, and teamwork issues.


62. Organizations and Markets

Organizations and Markets was created in 2006 by Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein, professors interested in organizational economics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the economics of institutions.


Marketing Management

Marketing Management is focused on the application of marketing techniques and the management of an organizations or company’s marketing resources and activities. Marketing Managers are responsible for creating effective, cost-efficient marketing management objectives and strategies. Below are notable websites that provide more information on marketing management.

63. The Lonely Marketer

The Lonely Marketer is a blog full of posts and discussions for the small business marketing manager.


64. Detective Marketing

Detective Marketing is the blog of one of Europe’s most creative business thinkers and top ranked speakers, Stefan Engeseth.


65. Ries’ Pieces

Ries’ Pieces is a blog about the business of branding.


66. The Engaging Brand

The Engaging Brand is a blog with content more specific to social marketing and how it can affect your business.


67. Marketing Experiments Blog

Marketing Experiments Blog provides news, insights, analysis and interviews and ideas with the community of marketing, optimization, and sales professionals.


68. Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs offers useful information and resources on marketing.


69. Scott Hendisons’ Blog

Scott Hendisons’ Blog offers reviews and various posts on new technologies and business.


70. Beanstalk Inc.

Beanstalk Inc. is a site that offers posts on search engine optimization services and information.


71. MarketingSherpa Blog

MarketingSherpa is a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing and their blog exists to give marketers of the world the stats, inspiration, and instructions to improve their results.


72. Sales and Sales Management Blog

Sales and Sales Management Blog provides tips and tactics on sales and sales management.


73. The Experience is the Product

The Experience is the Product is Cindy Alvarez’s blog, who is a product manager and shares how understanding the customer becomes a business’s competitive advantage.


74. provides marketing tutorials, discussions, articles and other resources for people to utilize in the marketing world.


75. How To Be A Good Product Manager

How To Be A Good Project Manager shares tips on product management, product development, and product marketing.


76. Product Marketing by Pragmatic Marketing

Product Marketing by Pragmatic Marketing offers thoughts and ideas on product management and product marketing.


77. Event Manager Blog

Event Manager Blog is a blog that shares various and random tips and posts for event managers.


78. Brand DNA

Brand DNA is a blog about the weird and wonderful world of brands and communication.


79. Branding Strategy Insider

Branding Strategy Insider is the blog of The Blake Project, which as brand consultants, they strive to help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands.


80. Measuring Success

Measuring Success is the official blog for the book Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton.


81. Amplify Interactive

Amplify Interactive is the search and social blog from Amplify Interactive.


82. Conversation Agent

With 20 years of business experience, Valeria Maltoni is Principal, Conversation Agent, LLC, helps companies focus their promise and create a platform that delivers resilience and longevity to the business.


83. Rimm-Kaufman Group

Rimm-Kaufman Group provides complete data-driven online marketing solutions to online businesses.


Financial Management

Financial Management is a branch of finance that concerns itself with the managerial significance of finance. Most financial mangers deal with monetary decisions that companies or organizations make and the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. Below are multiple sites and blogs that share more insight on the world of financial management.


84. Tanveer Naseer

Tanveer Naseer is a personal blog providing motivation and business coaching and advice.


85. PT Money

PT Money is a blog that offers tips and advice on how to make, save, and spend money.


86. Budgets are $exy.

Budgets are $exy is a personal finance blog that offers various tips and advice on budgeting your finances.


87. Compensation Cafe

Compensation Café is serving up straight talk, original thinking, and discussions on everything related to compensation.


88. Start Up Nation

Start Up Nation offers tips and information for people who are wanting to start up their own business.


89. Bruce’s Blog

Bruce is a financial advisor, and this is his blog where he offers financial advice and other various posts regarding finance and business.


90. QFinance

QFinance shares various financial resources and posts about news and trends in business.


91. offers advice and information on career coaching, executive branding, executive resumes and more!


92. CFO World

CFO World is a blog all about business, finance, and leadership.


IT Management

IT Management or Information Technology Management, is a business discipline where all the technologies and technology resources of a company or organization are managed. Technology plays a huge role in the organization of a business, so IT Management is vital and significant to the success of a company. Listed below are multiple sites and blogs related to IT Management.

93. Another DAM blog

Another DAM blog offers information and posts on digital asset management.


94. All Things Distributed

All Things Distributed is Werner Vogel’s blog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.


95. is the personal blog of Brad Egeland where he provides his advice and services for project management and solutions, cloud computing, strategic planning, social media presence, and much more.


96. The CTO’s Blog

The CTO’s Blog provides technology predictions, commentary on the current state of various technologies, and how technology predictions are made.


97. Westcon CTO’s Blog

Weston CTO’s Blog shares posts and information on technology issues from a distributor’s perspective.


98. CTO/CIO Perspectives

CTO/ICO Perspectives offer practical tips on information technology management.


99. amdocs|Blogs – CTO Blog

From the office of the CTO, this blog shares thoughts on technology, research, innovation, and current trends.


100. Your CTO’s Blog

Managed by a CTO, Your CTO’s Blog covers a wide range of technology and project management related topics.


Honorable Mention

As you can see from this list, there are a plethora of fantastic resources on the web for managers. So many, in fact, that we simply couldn’t capture them all in a list of only 100. The following sites deserve specific mention for their quality content and value they offer readers.


101. Career Bliss by Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino blogs for Forbes about the full range of career issues. Caprino’s posts frequently feature advice on how to get ahead, or at least get a fresh perspective on your career.


102. Reputation Rhino

Reputation Rhino is all about image management. The company’s blog features advice on how to leverage the press, social media, and every other communication channel to make sure your company’s best side always gets the most attention.


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