Changing Jobs or Careers. Is now the right time?  from the Redfish Find Your Dream Job Newsletter, April 2010

Recent surveys have shown a lot of dissatisfaction and uncertainty in the workplace, as well as staff cuts, many employees didn’t get a pay raise or bonus in 2009. Is it time to look for another job?

First of all, are companies hiring?

Yes, companies are hiring. According to a survey by CareerBuilders, twenty percent of employers anticipate increasing fulltime, permanent employers, which is up 14% over 2009. The main industries to be effected by the planned hiring increase are information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, health care, transportation, financial services, professional and business services, and sales. And while unemployment may be high generally, industries like IT, finance and accounting, health care, are only at 4% unemployment for positions requiring qualifications. Education and professional and business services are also growing and hiring.

It has been hard at my current company. Will it be the same at the next?

Most companies are facing the same challenges from the economic downturn. But there are very different company strategies, cultures and values out there. Research companies prior to pursuing an opportunity to make sure they are stable, agile, and value their staff. A company with good financial leadership will be more likely to find opportunities during the downturn and be poised to excel when things turn around. A company that puts emphasis on employee training and professional development is likely to provide a good working environment. Work should be rewarding, and talent should be nurtured, in any economic environment.

Should I just wait it out?

While people are usually less inclined to change jobs during an economic downturn, a recent survey by Adecco showed that 58% of employers surveyed say they actually have better jobs to offer than five years ago. If you have simply become unchallenged, consider discussing opportunities within your company that can provide you more challenge and the change to excel and be a greater contributor. However, if your current company isn’t caring for and investing in its human resources, it is time to consider other companies with a positive outlook and a more proactive approach to managing its most critical asset: you!

Are you looking to change jobs? 

If you are looking for a better opportunity but wish to stay in the same field, start by considering your current employment. Are you engaged, appreciated, supported in your own development? If not, these are compelling reasons to consider other opportunities. If management or relations are poor, if staff is overworked and undercompensated, if there is no opportunity for advancement or personal growth, then the answer is yes.

Are you looking to change careers?

If you are looking for a career change, you will likely need extra training. Taking time for additional studies during a weak job market might be great timing. A change of careers can often enhance earning potential. Ideally choose a growing sector of the economy, like Green Energy, IT, Health Care, Business and Professional Services. Consider the investment in tuition and time off of work or simultaneous work and study and compare this to the pay scale, current and projected hiring in the new field/industry, and the number of people with similar qualifications, and longer career history, with whom you will be competing.

How do I make that next step?

Dust off your resume. Do an inventory of what is important to you and what you have to offer. Now, network with friends, colleagues, recruiters to learn about opportunities and hiring trends in the companies and industries that interest you. Using a specialized recruiting firm to represent you can make the difference. There are a flood of resumes on any decent company’s HR desk, a specialized recruiting company like Redfish Technology, often knows of opportunities before they are posted, and can get you in front of the decision makers. Call or visit Redfish Technology today to discuss opportunities that may be a good fit for you. Tel: 408-719-0200

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