High Tech Job Trends

(from our May Newsletter)

During the great recession, IT company spending was cut to the bottom line; staffing requirements were kept minimal. There was an increased focus on software-as-a-service, outsourcing IT staff, business intelligence, and unified corporate communications.

Spending predictions for 2010 are fairly optimistic: Forrester is predicting an optimistic 7.7% in US IT spending; Gartner 2.8% growth; and global forecasts are for 3-4% growth according to Monster.

Employment in 2010 is anticipated increase cautiously in High Tech. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that six IT occupations will grow by 22% (to 4.5 million jobs) over the next ten years. The top in-demand occupations are Network systems and data communications analysts (53% over the next decade) and Computer software engineers, applications (35% growth); while the highest job seeker occupation is Computer Software Engineers.

A Monster/Kelly Services IT market report indicates surplus of talent in Computer Engineers and Systems Analysts. The growth areas are reportedly in Computer Hardware Engineers, Computer Operators, Computer Scientists, Programmers, and Support Specialists. There is both a good supply of jobs and talent in Network, Systems, and Database Administrators; for this reason employers should focus on talent retention.