Matthew Grabczynski

Matthew Grabczynski

Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Matthew Grabczynski

TechOps Support Coordinator – Remote Connectivity Software

Redfish Technology was enlisted to locate an experienced TechOps Support Coordinator for a leading online remote connectivity software company. The role requires responsibility for administrative functions within the Technical Operations department, ordering and tracking equipment and software, provisioning and tracking telephone lines, answering the TechOps Help line and directing callers to appropriate technicians, providing timely and accurate communication with users and management and maintaining accurate documentation.

Redfish recruited Matt directly, identifying that his combination of experience and education as a winning combination. He had 4 years of help desk experience in college, including a SQL background creating tables, and was in the process of getting his A+ Certification. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems & International Business. Matt is a polyglot, has had organizational leadership experience, and possesses a battery of technical skills.

“From the moment Beth Cliff at Redfish called me about this job, her warmth and dedication were obvious. She guided me through the entire process, from first contact to my first day on the job. She kept me informed and ensured that everything went smoothly as possible, even after I had received the job offer. I’m extremely pleased with my new job working for a wonderful company and am very grateful to Redfish and Beth!” — Matt Grabczynski

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