Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Wind, Solar, Green Building / Energy Efficiency, Clean Power and Electric Vehicles. Roles we are recruiting for include Sales Executives, Estimators, Scientists, Business Intelligence / ETL Specialist, Project Engineers; and more!


17526 Wind Energy Project Manager – Renewable Energy. Johannesburg South Africa

Clean Power

17390 Senior Test & Validation Engineer. Clean Power. Southern California
17391 Principal Electrical Engineer-Design. Clean Power. Southern California

Energy Efficiency

17495 Enterprise Data Architect – Energy Efficiency. Cincinnati, OH
17496 Business Intelligence – ETL Specialist. Energy Efficiency. Cincinnati, OH
17501 Senior Manager – Residential Energy Efficiency. Portland, OR
17494 Programming Engineer-BAS and Controls – Building Energy Efficiency. Southern CA
17415 Energy Sales Executive – Building Energy Efficiency. Sacramento, CA
17423 Energy Sales Executive – Building Energy Efficiency. San Diego to Los Angeles, CA
17445 Lead Energy Engineer. Building Energy Efficiency. Sacramento CA
17395 Senior Consulting Engineer – HVAC-R and Building Automation Systems. Atlanta, GA
17393 Engineering Support-HVAC-R and Building Automation Systems. Atlanta, GA

Solar Photovoltaic

17499 CIGS Scientist – Solar. Denver, CO
17500 Moly-TCO Scientist – Solar. Denver, CO
17229 Application Eng-Tech Sales Support Specialist. Solar Technologies. Sacramento, CA
17442 Estimator. Commercial Solar Construction. North Bay, California
17483 Senior Manager, Quality. Solar Technologies. Sacramento CA 
17497 Director of Supply Chain-Solar. North Bay, CA
17258 R&D Scientist. PV Solar Cell Manufacturing. Atlanta, GA
16719 Project Engineer-PV Solar Cell Manufacturing.  Atlanta Area
16832 Senior Account Executive-PV Project Sales. New Jersey
16455 PV Systems Engineer. Renewable Energy. NJ

Electric Vehicles

16873 Web/Backend Software Engineer. Electric Vehicles. San Francisco, CA
16988 Embedded Software Engineer-Dev. Electric Vehicles. SF CA

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