Subrat Nayak

Subrat Nayak

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Featured Placement – Subrat Nayak

Electrical Engineer – Electric Vehicle Technology


The CTO of this well-reputed electrical vehicle technology company reached out to Redfish to find an electrical engineer for their cutting edge development team. The right person needed relevant experience in logic, embedded and mixed signal systems; experience in battery management techniques and design for automotive environments was also highly desirable. Role is responsible for schematic design of microcontroller, logic, and mixed signal electronic circuits and digital and analog electronics design and development. The position offered equity and the opportunity to work with a pioneering and visionary team.


Redfish connected with Subrat and honed in on his extensive electrical engineering education as well as his initiative and leadership experience on multiple vehicle machine projects. Subrat has an MS in Mechanical Engineering (Dynamics and Controls), an MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and a Bachelor’s of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Subrat has skills in autonomous sub-battery charging systems, embedded firmware, digital design and hardware experience with analog, digital and power electronics. He has also worked on electrical system design improvements in robotics, and led the electrical teams of SubjuGator 2010, and the Human Powered Submarine. The skills came together beautifully and there was a great cultural match with the company.


“Greg from Redfish called me within 12 hours of me applying for the job opening, he was very friendly and at the same time professional, he gave me a very clear picture of the position and the company which helped me prepare myself for the phone interview. He never left me assuming or guessing anything – right from the phone interview to the in-person interview and through signing the offer letter, he was there to clarify my concerns, and he made sure that everything was well planned on the employer’s side and everything was conveyed to me clearly. Above all, the role and the company was a very good match to what I was looking for.”Subrat Nayak

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