Closing Candidates:

A How To in a Hot Job Market

Webinar - Closing Candidates: A How To in a Hot Job Market


“As the market heats up, candidates no longer go months without returned phone calls, but rather, quite the opposite,” reports Executive Recruiter Joanna Bradley. “With a positive shift in the economy comes a new set of challenges that hiring managers must be prepared to combat.” As a corporate matchmaker, it is Redfish’s mission to help companies find their ideal candidates. In response to changing market conditions, Redfish has been advising companies on evolving talent acquisition strategies. The dialogue continues in the first of a new series of webinars for hiring managers in the High Tech and Green Tech industries: “Closing Candidates: A How To in a Hot Job Market.” Closing candidates is an important skill in any environment, but it becomes especially important as the economy transitions. After dozens of phone interviews, multiple on-site meetings, team meetings and reference checks, the time and costs of your hiring process are already adding up. The competitive edge can be dulled if time is wasted on an unsuccessful hiring process. In a candidate’s market, what is the best approach when at the offer stage? Why do candidates not accept job offers? How can the hiring and negotiation processes be adapted to successfully hire the right candidate? This webinar explores ways to ensure that your first choice candidates accept your offer. To celebrate the Redfish webinar series, Redfish is making a special offer to hiring managers. If you register and attend this webinar, we will give you a 10% discount on our recruiting fee for new job orders. About Redfish Technology: Redfish has been recognized in the Forbes “2011 Investment Guide” as a top recruiter out of more than 7,500 executive search firms and staffing agencies. You may also have seen Redfish in the CNN interview “Where the Jobs Are” with Mary Snow, and at venues such as the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair in Berkeley, CA. You can meet up with us at the upcoming New Energy Marketplace conference where CEO Rob Reeves will speak on “Finding Talent: Employment Resources to Build a Better Business”. Redfish Technology specializes in locating talent in the Technology and Alternative Energy sectors. Recruiting since 1996, the company offers nationwide coverage with offices in Silicon Valley, the East Coast, and the Intermountain West.