Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Solar Business Development, Commercial and Federal; Sales Directors PV; Product Engineering in Solar; Smart Grid Analysts; Clean Energy Physicists; Wind Engineers – Senior EE and Control Systems; Energy Efficiency Project Engineers; Energy Storage Director and Engineers; Renewable Energy Asset Management; Energy Commodities Channel Sales Manager; and more.  Here are the top priorities of the week:


#18038 Director Business Development, Federal Govt – Solar. Portland Area or Remote


#18055 VP, Business Development-Commercial Solar. North Bay, CA
#18045 Project Finance Analyst – Solar. San Francisco, CA
#17913 Lead Engineer – Energy Storage. Santa Monica, CA
#17912 Engineer – Energy Storage Systems. Santa Monica, CA
#17907 Director – Utility Storage Engineering. Santa Monica, CA
#17876 Controls Project Engineer-Data Center Energy Efficiency. SF, CA
#17895 Electrical Engineer, PLC – Solar. Denver, CO
#18044 Manager Engineering Testing and Certification – Solar. Portland, OR
#18043 Associate Manager Business Planning,  Bilingual – Solar. Portland, OR
#18042 Associate Director Product Engineering – Solar. Portland, OR
#18041 Manager Project Solutions – Solar. Portland, OR
#18037 Senior Manager Sales – Solar. Portland Area, OR
#18036 Director of Sales – Solar. Portland area, OR


#17990 Channel Sales Manager – Energy Commodities. Chicago, IL


#17981 Senior Salesforce Leader – Clean Economy Business Consulting. New York, NY
#17898 Controls Project Engineer-Data Center Energy Efficiency. NY, NY-Northeast
#17791 Controls Engineer – Renewable Energy, Storage. Rochester, NY
#17700 Engineer – Renewable Energy Asset Management. White Plains, NY
#17692 Technical Analyst – Smart Grid-Renewable Energy. White Plains, NY
#17694 Energy Efficiency Engineer. Performance Contracting. Boston, MA
#17792 Applied & Eng – Industrial Physicist – Clean Energy Systems. Boston, MA
#17636 Senior Control Systems Engineer – Wind. Boston, MA
#17604 Senior EE, System Electrical Team Lead – Wind. VT or MA


#17961 Shift Supervisor – Solar Cell Manufacturing. Atlanta, GA
#17900 Controls Project Engineer-Data Center Energy Efficiency. Atlanta Area, GA
#17828 Director of Sales, Construction-Architectural Markets-PV Solar. Atlanta, GA
#17899 Controls Project Engineer-Data Center Energy Efficiency. Dallas Fort Worth Area, TX 

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