Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Data Center Energy Efficiency, Performance Contracting, Energy Storage, Solar/PV, Electric Vehicles, Smart Grid, Clean Economy, Renewables, and Wind. We are recruiting for Sales Executives and Director of Sales, Director and VP of Business Development, Project Development, Control Project Engineer, Lead Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Technical Analysts, and Project Managers. Here are the top priorities of the week:


#17876 Controls Project Engineer-Data Center Energy Efficiency. SF, CA
#18055 VP, Business Development-Commercial Solar. North Bay, CA
#17912 Engineer – Energy Storage Systems. Santa Monica, CA
#17913 Lead Engineer – Energy Storage. Santa Monica, CA
#17895 Electrical Engineer, PLC – Solar. Denver, CO
#18042 Associate Director Product Engineering – Solar. Portland, OR
#18043 Associate Manager Business Planning,  Bilingual Japanese- Solar. Portland, OR
#18038 Director Business Development, Federal Govt – Solar. Portland Area or Remote
#18036 Director of Sales – Solar. Portland area, OR
#18044 Manager Engineering Testing and Certification – Solar. Portland, OR 
#18041 Manager Project Solutions – Solar. Portland, OR
#18045 Project Finance Analyst – Solar. Portland Area, OR
#18037 Senior Manager Sales – Solar. Portland Area, OR
#16872 Electrical Engineer.  Electric Vehicles.  SF, CA
#18075 Senior Mechanical Engineer-Electric Vehicles. San Francisco, CA


#18083 Sales Executive – Energy Services. Kansas or Missouri
#17990 Channel Sales Manager – Energy Commodities. Chicago, IL


#18086 Sales Executive – Energy Services. Texas
#18084 Senior Project Manager – Energy Efficiency. Florida
#17828 Director of Sales, Construction-Architectural Markets-PV Solar. Atlanta, GA


#17694 Energy Efficiency Engineer. Performance Contracting. Boston, MA
#17692 Technical Analyst – Smart Grid-Renewable Energy. White Plains, NY
#17981 Senior Salesforce Leader – Clean Economy Business Consulting. New York, NY
#17700 Engineer – Renewable Energy Asset Management. White Plains, NY
#17636 Senior Control Systems Engineer – Wind. Boston, MA
#17570 Project Development Manager – Commercial PV Project Sales. Springfield, NJ

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