Priority Clean Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are for Wind O&M Project Manager, Business Development Project Manager Renewables, Internal Audit Renewable Energy, Data Center Sales Energy Efficiency, Construction Manager ESCO, Integration Programmer, Solar Engineers, Electric Vehicle Engineers, Smart Grid Analyst, and more. Read this week’s top priorities:

Wind / Renewable Energy

#18587 O&M Project Manager – Wind. Laredo, TX
#18606 Business Development-Project Manager – Renewable Energy. Betheda, MD
#18592 Internal Audit – Renewable Energy. Camarillo, CA
#18551 Power Electronics Senior Engineer – Renewable Energy. Phoenix, AZ

Energy Efficiency

#18600 Data Center Sales (Northeast) – Energy Efficiency (ESCO). Boston – New Jersey
#18597 Manager Construction – Energy Efficiency (ESCO). Albuquerque, NM
#18595 Integration Programmer – Energy Efficiency (ESCO). Albuquerque, NM
#18244 Business Dev Mgr-Demand Response – Energy Efficiency. Philadelphia, PA
#18243 Business Dev Mgr-Demand Response – Energy Efficiency. Los Angeles, CA
#18242 Business Dev Mgr-Demand Response – Energy Efficiency. Baltimore, MD


#18162 Laser Scribe Engineer – CIGS Solar Manufacturing. Denver area, CO
#18253 Senior Systems Design Engineer-Project Manager – Solar. Portland, OR
#18489 Equipment Engineer – Solar. Denver Area, CO
#18135 PV Device Integration Engineer – CIGS Solar. Denver area, CO
#18516 Embedded System Engineer – Solar Inverters. Austin, TX

Electric Vehicles / Energy Storage / Smart Grid

#18350 Electric Vehicle Project Engineer – Automotive- EV. Bay Area, CA
#18338 Power Electronics Design Engineer – Electric Vehicles. San Francisco, CA
#17907 Director – Utility Storage Engineering. Los Angeles, CA
#17692 Technical Analyst – Smart Grid-Renewable Energy. White Plains, NY
#18154 Systems Architecture Specialist – Software-Electric Commodity. White Plains, NY

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