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Growth Stronger than Expected

from Redfish Technology 

December’s employment report showed progress in job creation with a stronger showing than expects. The unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent, December payroll jobs hit a fairly healthy 200,000, private payrolls hitting 212,000.

The job gains were broad-based but the highlight is in manufacturing. Manufacturing companies were expected to add jobs for the second year in a row. Until last year manufacturing jobs have not increased in the US since 1997. Goods-producing jobs in the private sector added 48,000. Even construction jobs increased 17,000 in December.

The National Federation of Independent Business’s chief economist, William Dunkelberg, stated that “The good news is that the number of owners cutting jobs has ‘normalized,’ in the past several months, reports of those cutting workers have been at the lowest levels since the recession started in December 2007. … Given this trend, reports of new job creation should see a slight uptick in the coming months.”

A recent CareerBuilder survey showed that more than a third of US Companies have downsized staffs since the recession; the same amount plan on hiring contract or temporary workers in 2012, of those 35% plan on hiring those workers on a permanent basis. Eric Gilpin, president of CareerBuilder’s Staffing & Recruiting Group, stated that “Our studies have pointed to a rise in these positions post-recession as companies address growing market needs. Employers are relying on temporary and contract workers to support leaner staffs, and in many cases, will transition those workers to permanent roles.”

CareerBuilder studies point to a rise in positions post-recession as companies address growing market needs. And Friday’s Employment report supported job growth with a stronger showing than expected at 212,000 private payrolls.