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The Cleantech Group LLC has recently published its “2012 Global Cleantech 100” report – an exciting list of the most promising privately-held Cleantech companies replete with thoughtful and well-researched information on the various component sectors. Redfish Technology is proud of the recruiting relationships we have with a large number of these winning cleantech firms.


The industry, still in its relative infancy, has been undergoing a shakeout. According to Richard Youngman, the Global Cleantech 100 project lead, we are in the midst of a transition from the second to the third wave of cleantech innovation and investment and brighter times lie ahead. The group has termed this third wave “Cleantech Goes Inside” to indicate that Cleantech is being adopted as the standard.


The hottest sector is Energy Efficiency, hitting over 20% representation. This sector includes a preponderance of lighting (Digital Lumens and Enlightened, for example) and enterprise energy management companies (examples include BuildingIQ, OSIsoft, Powerit Solutions). Home energy management acquires a presence on the list despite a low rate of consumer adoption for the moment, companies like OPower are considered to have huge potential in the market.


Solar’s representation in the top 100 is down overall but still came in second with twelve companies. The solar mix has changed; there are many more solar companies that are competing locally in installation, as opposed to competing with the Chinese in manufacturing. And there are nextgen solar technologies such as 1366 Technologies Si-PV innovative technology.


The conventional Oil & Gas industry is innovating and bringing cleantech inside. Companies such as CoaLogix, Filterboxx, and Liquid Robotics are examples.


The Cleantech investors backing the companies on top 100 list are made up of three-quarters private financial institutions, nearly one-fifth are corporate and 4% are public sector entities. Leading venture firms in the cleantech 100 companies include: Kleiner Perkins Caufiled & Byers (KPCB), Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), VantagePoint Capital Partners (VPCP) and Braemar Energy Ventures. Leading corporate investors include General Electric, Google, Siemens, IBM, and Waste Management.


The Cleantech Group has developed “Lust” and “Marmite” lists. On the Lust List are those companies that received the greatest peer admiration. The Marmite List is comprised of those companies and sectors with the most divided opinion. OPower, Harvest Power, Transphorm made the top three on the Lust List; and Bridgelux, Coulomb Technologies, and Enecsys made the Marmite List.  Visit Cleantech Group’s website to read the whole report and all the details.



The 2012 Global Cleantech 100 – The Cleantech Group LLC


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