Chien-Liang ChouRecruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Chien-Liang Chou

VP of Engineering – Web and Social Media Technology

This disruptive software firm is well-funded and highly-focused, building a revolutionary web and social media technology. With a keen eye for the right talent and profile to help build this incredible team, Redfish Technology has placed numerous key people at this exciting company. The company’s Customer Stock Ownership Plan (CSOPâ„¢) enables public companies to sell their stock directly to customers from their website or Facebook page, and thereby democratizing access to the stock market, removing barriers to stock ownership, and making corporations more in tune with their customer-owners.

Redfish recruited Chien-Liang Chou out of where he led the Application Architecture Team for CRM and Service Cloud product lines and handled technical due diligence of major M&A activities. Prior to that, he was the Senior Engineering and SaaS Operation Manager at FirstRain, a B2B software analytics company. Chien’s knowledge and expertise in software engineering is unparalleled and he has a proven track record in building exceptional products and bringing them to market. He has a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Operation Research from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s in Information Management from National Taiwan University. When Chien is not busy leading teams to drive technology innovation, you may find him running a Kenya Adventure marathon.

“Rob Reeves is a fantastic recruiter. He has done wonderful job for me. He is thorough and good at communication and he made the whole interview process a great experience. Since taking my new position as VP of Engineer, Rob has been helping me to build the team too. He fully understands our needs; then selectively introduces only the best candidates. It saves considerable time in the process. We definitely will keep working with Redfish Technology to scale our organization.” – Chien-Liang Chou

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