The ides of December have come and gone, and it is the home stretch for 2012. As we get ready to close out the old year and ring in a new year, we reflect upon the fabulous year that we have had!   It is also New Year’s resolution time! A time when people revisit goals, make decisions about new beginnings, set a course for improved futures, and generally make a plan for the next year.   The Redfish Technology recruiters have made a few resolutions for themselves. Let’s hear from them.

Leah O’Flynn, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Leah O’Flynn

“My personal goal in 2013 is to break out to new companies and establish long term relationships.  Also, I want to have multiple placements in both Sales and Marketing within these companies.” – Leah O’Flynn




“I resolve to deepen the relationships that I have with my top clients such that they recognize the value of using me exclusively for their searches, as well as their entire team.” – Logan Knight

Logan Knight, Executive Recruiter, IT Division at Redfish Technology

Logan Knight


Beth Cliff, IT Engineering Recruitment Manager

Beth Cliff

“I will investigate and try out new avenues of social networking to improve on connecting my hiring managers and candidates.” – Beth Cliff

Joanna Bradley, IT Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager

Joanna Bradley




“Stop. Breathe. Listen. Think. Collaborate.” – Joanna Bradley

Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves


“My personal resolution is organization.  Following up on conversations from 6 minutes and 6 months ago and making sure my clients are getting everything they can from me.” – Rob Reeves

Jon Piggins - IT Recruiter, Sales & Marketing

Jon Piggins



“I will become such a trusted resource for my clients that I become the single source they use for recruiting.” Jon Piggins



“To continue to learn more about the exciting high tech start-ups that I work with, and do my best to help them succeed by filling their highest priority positions.” – John Stevens

John Stevens, Executive Recruiter, IT Engineering

John Stevens


So look out! These are some powerful resolutions. And knowing the Redfish team, they will make these happen!   What have you resolved to make happen or do better in 2013? Leave us a comment!


We’ll also have some suggested resolutions for job seekers and hiring managers alike coming up soon on this blog!