The Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Finding a New Job or Advancing Your Career

From Redfish Technology Recruiters


At this reflective time of year, the Redfish recruiters have made their personal New Year’s Resolutions. Next, they offer some ideas for you, whether you are actively seeking a job or not.


Here are the top 8 resolutions for active and passive job seekers:


“Be available. Oftentimes, candidates looking for a new career opportunity are surprised by how much time it takes to find the right fit. When starting a career search, try and set aside a predefined block of time every day for interviews, follow up emails and resume submittals. Doing so will help to land the right opportunity, quickly.” – Joanna Bradley

“Listen to the whole package before saying yes or no. Companies call different roles by different names, so decide which criteria are most important to you, rather than focusing inordinately on the title being used.  Also, be evaluating the company as you interview so that you are able to weigh the opportunities and you ready to make decisions when the process is over.” – Rob Reeves

“I recommend that candidates resolve to evaluate where they are in their careers, and take the necessary steps to stay on their career paths.” – Beth Cliff

“If you are truly looking for your next opportunity, place your contact info (including phone) on your resume.” – Greg Schreiner

“Make sure that your resume/profile is a true reflection of your experience & background. We look for very specific things when working to fill a role & exaggerated titles (i.e. VP when they’re really are at a senior level) or experience often eliminates people from consideration unnecessarily.” Jon Piggins

“Be open to hearing about new roles, you don’t want to be kicking yourself five years from now because you missed out by not returning a phone call or email.” – John Stevens

“Job seekers should make sure the recruiter they reach out to is in the correct space.  Also, post your resume on all the boards and update your LinkedIn profile to include as many keywords as possible. Lastly, spend time on your resume and make sure it includes specific information regarding your success within your roles.” – Leah O’Flynn

“Be open and transparent with recruiters. This is going to save everyone involved (me, you, and the company/hiring manager) time and effort. If title, salary, location, other opportunities, etc. is going to be a deal breaker, don’t say it’s not. I realize it’s my job to sell you on an opportunity and if I think you’re a really good fit I will let you know. But if after doing your own research about the company and its technology, you really still don’t have any flexibility, take stock of that and be upfront about it. I’m here to help you find the right opportunity for you and the more information I have about your needs the better.” – Logan Knight