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Human capital, the most important asset of most companies, comprises the totality of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, and creativity, embodied in the employees’ ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.


Recruiting the right talent to advance your company’s mission and goals requires finding the right fit for these myriad of considerations. As the demand for leading talent continues to increase, there is more competition over top talent. Companies that are winning at attracting and on boarding the best talent are those who survive and thrive.


The recruiters at Redfish are in the trenches everyday with hiring managers and their teams, and with passive and active candidates, putting together winning combinations. Based on their in-depth experience building out teams, here are their suggestions for hiring managers in 2013.

The Top Resolutions every hiring manager should make in order to hire the best talent!


“Identify 6 to 10 traits you’re looking for in a candidate and then narrow it down to 4 “must haves”.  Whether working with a recruiter or not, be willing to look at the candidates that possess the must haves. Draw up a phone screen questionnaire (this should take a maximum of 15 minutes) that you can use to screen these candidates to determine if they’re worth entering into the full interview process. This allows you to not lose potential fits whose resumes aren’t a slam dunk.  This is especially helpful in a competitive market.” – Rob Reeves


“Work to be proactive in your hiring…plan ahead and start working with your recruiter early to ensure that the process runs efficiently and there is little or no delay in having qualified candidates to choose from when it’s time to make a hire.” – Jon Piggins


“When working with a recruiter take the time to not only explain the position, but get the recruiter excited about the company. Passion sells.” – John Stevens


“Hiring managers should resolve to move quickly on candidates they like and avoid losing them to competitors.” Greg Schreiner


“Focus on customer success.  Over the last year, the most common job I have recruited for is titled some variation of ‘customer success’, and it makes sense.  We are recovering from a major economical hit and so keeping your current, and recently on-boarded customers, makes more sense than ever.  Typically this role is a combination of sales, account management and project management.  No matter what you call it, the key is keeping your current customers happy.” – Joanna Bradley


“I encourage hiring managers to resolve to rely on their recruiter as an extension of their team to effectively manage growth plans.” – Beth Cliff


“It is a hot market right now and it is important to make sure the interview fast is quick and thorough.  The whole process should take at longest two weeks if the requisite is a priority.” – Leah O’Flynn


“I’d like to see more hiring managers understand that we (recruiters) are really good at what we do and put our suggestions to use immediately. We know who we are working for and who pays us, so any advice we give will be to benefit you in finding and closing the talent you want. You wouldn’t take the advice of a plumber to run a restaurant right? So as an engineer or tech manger, why would you know more about recruiting?” – Logan Knight



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