Tech Trends: Salaries Are Highest in a Decade

Say Results of Dice Survey


The latest Dice Tech Salary Survey results show that salaries jumped in 2012 the most they have in a decade. Competition for tech talent is putting upward pressure on the sector’s salary requirements.



from the 2013-2012 Dice Tech Salary Survey

With only a 3.8% tech unemployment rate, tech professionals’ confidence is growing and there is more movement in the technology sector. The mobility of the workforce and the improving performance of many tech companies means more professionals are open to new career opportunities, whether they are actively pursuing those or simply keeping their profile av

ailable and responding to inquiries.

“The fact is you either pay to recruit or pay to retain and these days, at least for technology teams, companies are doing both.” — Scot Melland, Chairman, President & CEO Dice Holdings, Inc.


Interestingly, salaries increased at higher rates for employees in smaller companies. Companies with less than 50 employees saw year over year salary increases of 6.6%, while salaries at the largest companies only rose 4.3%. That said, the smallest (<50 employees) companies paid the least as well with an average of $73,990 compared to the largest (5,000+ employees) at an average of $94,453.


Big Data is the winner when it comes to salary. Tech talent with Hadoop, NoSQL and Mongo DB skills are earning 6-figures. Cloud and virtualization, and mobile technologies salaries are in second and third place, hovering around the $90,000 and $80,000 mark.



from the 2013-2012 Dice Tech Salary Survey

“There’s clear competition for tech professionals with the most in-demand skills,” reports Greg Schreiner, IT Recruiter at Redfish Technology. “I typically have to work very hard with our clients to sell these professionals on an opportunity, as they are often being courted by several companies at once.”


The top paying markets for tech professionals are: Silicon Valley, Baltimore/Washington DC, San Diego, Boston, and Seattle. You can use Dice’s Interactive Salary tool to dial down into state and city historic average salary on the


Read the 2013-2012 Dice Tech Salary Survey in its entirety at:


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