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CleanTech Trends Pop Quiz

10 Questions to Test Your CleanTech Savvy

Are you savvy on the latest employment, deployment, and penetration rates of the various cleantech sectors? Take this 10-question pop quiz and test your knowledge.



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1. Which renewable sector deployment grew by 28 percent in 2012 in the U.S.?

A) Solar
B) Wind
C) Natural Gas
D) Geothermal

2. How much did renewable energy add to the nation’s electricity capacity in 2012?

A) 9%
B) 29%
C) 49%
D) 69%

3. Which renewable industry added three times as much new capacity in 2012 as in the two years prior?

A) Solar
B) Wind
C) Natural Gas
D) Geothermal

4. Which U.S. states compete with the global top ten countries in the percentage of utility-scale electricity from wind power?

A) Iowa and South Dakota
B) Oklahoma and North Dakota
C) Minnesota, Kansas
D) Idaho, Colorado, Oregon

5. How many people work in the U.S. solar industry?

A) 99,000
B) 119,000
C) 199,000
D) 229,000

6. Natural gas is a renewable source of energy.

A) True
B) False
C) Both

7. Which Metro area had the highest number of clean energy patents granted (per 1M people) over the last decade?

A) San Francisco, CA
B) San Jose, CA
C) Boston, MA
D) Detroit, MI

8. Which U.S. State has the highest number of Electric Vehicle charging stations (per million people)?

A) California
B) Oregon
C) Washington
D) Hawaii

9. Which three states led in the installation of smart meters in 2012?

A) DC, California, Idaho
B) Georgia, Arizona, Nevada
C) Alabama, Delaware, Oregon
D) Maine, Texas, Oklahoma

10. Which Cleantech Industry received the most Venture Capital funding in 2012?

A) Solar
B) Transportation
C) Biofuels & Biochemicals
D) Energy Efficiency