Well you never know, but recently …


Kelly @ Chic Boutique

Kelly @ Chic Boutique

… a Redfish bought a pedicure for the person in line after her at Chic. When we met back up with the owner, Kelly, she told us how touched she was by the Pay It Forward pedicure purchase. “The gal cried and said she didn’t know that people still did this kind of thing in today’s world.” She was so moved throughout the pedicure and then she did the same thing and bought the next person’s pedicure. “It went on for three days!”



A fun pedicure!

Kelly told us that she was so inspired following these acts of kindness that she paid $15 for groceries in for the person behind her in line that day.

The Redfish PIF-er said: “I had planned on doing it at Chic the moment that we started the program. I know the spirit of Chic and the women that work there and I knew that they would spread the love. What happened was unbelievable and a great example of the amazing heart of our community.”


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