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Data Data Everywhere, Would you like a drink?

Big Data is growing fast! (Click here to see Mapr’s real-time data counter

Data proliferation! Yep and proliferation of articles on what to do with it … Here’s one simply celebrating some cool data solution companies! – Great companies we are recruiting for!


Depending on what data gets served up to you, you may find that IDC predicts at our current rate of doubling information every 1.5 years that we will generate 40 zettabytes (ZB) of data by 2020. Of perhaps your first SERP will lead you to an article with Gartner’s prediction that enterprise data will grow 650 percent in the next five years. Check out the fun real-time graphic data counter from mapr (above).


Eighty percent of data is unstructured, but even structured data can be overwhelming at this growth rate. We are all bombarded by more and more options of client, lead, purchasing, website, population, and other data to track, analyze, summarize, and act upon (so long as paralysis hasn’t set in due to information overload).

Enter some companies with great solutions.


Enterprise Data Management

As the leader in distributed, scalable data management technology, what makes Objectivity exciting is that they truly help customers harness the power of Big Data. Their leading edge technologies in distributed graph databases are the future. They enable organizations to discover hidden relationships for improved Big Data analytics. The company’s flagship data management product is used by government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations, and the company is committed to their customers’ success!


Internet Data Management

With a desire to save you time and keep the noise down, Kifi has created a recommendations network, designed to help us outsmart information overload together. It automatically learns your interests and your friends’ interests, it helps you find and discover only the good stuff, from the right people at the right time via the personal recommendations by you and people in your networks. By uniquely combining crowd-sourcing and machine learning, it helps people help others by simply being themselves. Love it!


CRM Data Management

There’s an app for that! Prosperworks provides the simplest, easiest and most powerful CRM solution for companies that use Google Apps. The company’s customers spend a fraction of the time updating their CRM with crucial customer information, yet enjoy more accurate and up to the minute customer data for activity tracking, forecasting and insights that help companies sell more, faster. In less than five minutes you’ll have a fully functional and populated CRM that’s synced with Gmail, Calendar, Tasks, Events, Drive, Docs and so much more. Ahhh.


Channel Data Management

Sharing and empowering your channel via Zyme’s solutions can’t be beat. As the global leader in the channel data management space, they deliver the intelligence companies need to accelerate channel sales & improve ROI. Their cloud-based SaaS applications and managed services seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP systems such as, SAP and Oracle. The company helps customers make better business decisions with verified channel sales and inventory data from distributors, retailers and resellers in 180 countries, and improve mission-critical business processes including revenue recognition, incentive payments, partner network management, sales commissioning, and supply chain planning.


Data Talent

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