Some fish swam, err um, peddled to work but the company relinquishes bragging rights this year.Redfish Takes a Rain Check on the Bike to Work Day Workplace Challenge

Springtime in the mountains and it’s raining, quite a bit. This Friday, May 15th was the Bike to Work Day Workplace Challenge put on by Mountain Rides.


Redfish Technology made a brave attempt but will have to take a rain check this year on meeting full participation. The Bike to Work Day Workplace Challenge was a challenge for some of the staff, faced with a fair amount of rain during the morning.


Most of the Hailey-based employees straggled in soggy and wet, but the 12 miles of precipitation and puddles was a challenge for the Ketchum-based crew. Redfish concedes the bragging rights for the highest percentage of employees riding their bikes to the other brave and damp companies.


Heidi Clark showed up well-showered after riding her daughter to school first. Tory Thomas trekked in a bit tepid. Jon Piggins rallied the whole 3 blocks from home fully equipped with safety gear. Anna Mathieu arrived after a circuitous biking route splashing through many puddles in search of other Redfish! And Rob Reeves made it to work rather moist.

Kudos to those who made it through the rain.