The Best of the Best Places to WorkThe Best of BPTW …


If Best Places to Work is on your radar, you probably see it all the time. And BPTW comes in many flavors: the best in a State, the best in an industry, the best in the country, etc.


The latest flavor I noticed was the BPTW for Millennials. Congratulations to the top picks in each category: Ergodyne, Capitol Chevrolet Cadillac, Navy Federal Credit Union as well as all the companies recently selected from among 4,000 US companies for the best places to work for Millennial employees in America recognition. Given that Millennials are now the largest workforce in America, this is an important recognition.


The BPTW in the Bay Area celebrates companies that have exceptional workplaces that their employees value highly. Kudos to InfoObjects, ZenPayroll, SOAProjects Inc, PureStorage, and Workday for prioritizing practices, culture and values that drive engagement. When employees are happy to go to work and proud of their employer, they are more productive and stay longer.


The BPTW for Women highlights companies that offer female friendly perks such as increased maternity leave and cryo-vitrification, as well as a culture that provides stable career paths and supportive cultures, and a much larger representation of women in leadership roles than you usually see. A shout out to Meridian Health, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Perkins Coie the top three.


Redfish is proud to have a three-year winning streak as the BPTW in Idaho in the micro-category. Recruiting and retaining top talent is something the company knows a lot about from the point of view of recruiting for our clients as well as for ourselves. Offering an outstanding workplace that employees enjoy and value goes a long way in achieving all our business goals.


Unfortunately, many of the BPTW awards out there require a minimum of employees which cuts out the majority of companies quite frankly. Outdoor Magazine offers one of our favorite BPTW, one we aspire to but have just been slightly shy the minimum 15 employee threshold. Glassdoor as well limits participants to 1000 employees! As small businesses are the engines of job growth and innovation in America, it seems strange to categorically ignore the companies that make up the engine of job growth in America.


What’s the Best thing about BPTW companies?


Besides the opportunity to toot your horn, the BPTW is a great way to share ideas and best practices, and spread successful ideas. And companies like these will be more successful at recruiting, developing, and retaining top talent, affecting their bottom line, and the bottom line of their own clients. A recent Glassdoor publication on the ROI of Company Culture, shows that companies with a great culture get a big payback.


The Glassdoor ROI Report highlights that BPTW companies save money recruiting because applicants who are attracted have usually researched the company and self-qualified resulting in higher quality candidates who fit the culture – a big win for all!


It underscores that both time and money are saved on recruiting when companies have a strong brand: 50% in the cost per hire, and 22% in recruitment fees. Since the people with the right fit and motivation are proactively seeking out BPTW companies. And because candidates come to them these companies save recruiting time; enjoy a full pipeline of strong candidates and spend less time sorting through candidates.


Employee engagement has a huge impact on profitability, and companies that are valued as BPTW have engaged employees. These engaged companies are twice as productive and increase customer satisfaction significantly, affecting sales growth and shareholder return. And employees who value their company stick around, minimizing employee turnover minimizes recruitment and training costs as well as lost opportunity costs.


And it’s just plain more fun to work at a Best Places to Work Company!

Want to work at a BPTW company? Call us – we work with many of them!