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Front End Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, Senior Platform Engineer, Customer Success Manager and more!

This week, our tech recruiting priorities are: Front End Engineer & QA Automation Engineer – Mobile Gaming; Senior Platform Engineer – Virtual and Augmented Reality; Customer Success Manager – B2B Demand Generation; and more!


Mobile Gaming


This tight-knit crew of entrepreneurs, artists, software developers, product managers, and producers come from different lands and disciplines, but they share a passion for their work and a belief in the opportunity they are pursuing. Some of them are worldly and well-seasoned; others are new to the game, brimming with fresh insights and potential. Whatever the case, each has been hand-picked by the leadership team for his or her unique superpowers—not the least of which is an ability to do lots and lots of pushups.


We are recruiting for a Front End Engineer / Facebook Canvas Game (#21962) to work on the rapid development of front-end UI using at least two of the following platforms for online social network games: primarily Flash/ActionScript and HaXe, including Unity, OpenGL. We are also looking for a Mobile QA Automation Engineer (#21963) to design and implement test automation suites to validate correct data and behaviors for web and mobile applications. Both positions are located in Burlingame, CA.



Virtual and Augmented Reality


This cross-platform digital technology company focused on disrupting the games as a service market. You probably haven’t heard of them yet, but that’s about to change as the company revolutionizes the next generation of gaming with virtual and augmented reality. Recently spun out of Technicolor Ventures, they’re busy building a world-class set of tools and technologies that put more power in the hands of developers to create amazing games and take the guess work out of running live services. The company has already assembled a core team of veteran game technologists, developers and product folks but they need even more people who are passionate about what it takes to make, operate and publish great games.


We are recruiting for an experienced, team-oriented leader to join our rapidly growing Product Development team as Senior Platform Engineer (#21964) in Austin. The ideal candidate will have significant hands on experience developing high-performance, multi-tenant software as a service. Highly qualified applicants will have significant experience creating and growing high volume REST-based SaaS products. They will also have strong knowledge of applied algorithmics.



B2B Demand Generation


This young software company’s founders and heritage come from Israeli Military Intelligence. Investors such as Battery Ventures have backed them to attack the big market opportunity in demand generation and predictive analytics.  With customers who include Marketo, Salesforce.com, Autodesk, Oracle, and many other leading progressive firms, the company is poised to achieve rapid growth and take a leadership position in this space. Using proprietary analytics and search technology to scour the social web for key contact, behavioral and firmographic information, the company enables marketing and sales organizations to better target and predict the best possible contacts at prospective clients.


Now hiring for a Customer Success Manager (#22004) in San Francisco who will help customers leverage powerful real-time data through the company’s demand generation & predictive analytics platform. You are excited to work closely with customer teams to turn high level needs and complex processes into simple, concrete steps that alter the customers’ sales pipeline and conversion rates. You are instrumental in moving projects forward.


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Above are some of the key opportunities that are priority hires for us this week. You can find details on these jobs and other fabulous tech career opportunities on our website.


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