The 7 Best Edtech Recruiters

Like most industries today, the education sector is experiencing a period of uncertainty, change, and disruption. Shifting demographics, teacher shortages, income disparities, and the lingering effects of the pandemic have introduced new challenges to the education sector, and many organization leaders are leveraging new technologies to overcome them. 

As you might expect, this has prompted fast growth in the emerging edtech sector, which is forecasted to grow by over $110 billion between 2020 and 2025. This trend has had a compounding effect on the sector’s growth. As more educators use technology to improve the classroom experience, more entrepreneurs and startups are capitalizing on this trend to develop new edtech solutions. 

While this growth is arguably a good thing for both edtech companies and educators, it has also made the market for edtech talent far more competitive than it was a few years ago. An edtech recruiter who understands this shifting landscape can be a critical ally, helping leaders to secure the talent that will allow them to scale their operations to meet rising demand. Of course, you don’t just want to hire any recruiter—you want to find the right one to meet your talent needs. With that in mind, here are the 7 best edtech recruiters operating today.

1. Redfish Technology

Founded in 1996, Redfish Technology has a combination of longevity and industry expertise that’s difficult to find in the edtech recruiting space. They’ve been recruiting for edtech roles since 2001, putting them among the earliest firms to enter the sector and making them today one of the most experienced edtech recruiting agencies that organizations are likely to find. 

Redfish Technology has a track record of successful placements in both technical and non-technical roles across the United States, with an emphasis on inclusivity and DEI efforts and experience scaling entire sales, marketing, and engineering teams in virtual learning, digital curriculum, test prep, administrative tools, workflow platforms, absenteeism solutions, and more. Redfish also has former K-12 educators among their current recruiters, giving their team unique insights into what teachers and administrators need from their technology and allowing them to articulate candidate qualifications and client needs clearly and fully. 

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2. OceansThree

OceansThree is a boutique firm with a tight focus on edtech professionals, offering hands-on talent development and placement services benefiting from their 77 years of combined education leadership and hiring experience. Like Redfish, their staff includes former educators who intimately understand the needs of classrooms today. The agency’s most unique value add is the depth of their team development and coaching services. Not only do they coach candidates through the hiring process but they also work with organizations to identify the root of their staffing issues and solve these problems so they can hire and retain the top professionals. 

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3. iSphere

While some organizations will benefit from a firm with a tight focus, others will be better served by a recruiter with broad expertise across the IT and tech sectors. That’s what you’ll get with iSphere, who offer IT staffing solutions across the education, healthcare, government, and energy sectors. They offer consulting along with their recruitment services, with valuable expertise in topics ranging from cybersecurity and infrastructure to app development and the organization’s overarching technology strategy. They offer a similar variety of staffing solutions, from contract and contract-to-hire placements to full-time permanent executive and leadership hires. 

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4. Ed Tech Recruiting

Ed Tech Recruiting prides themselves on their people-focused recruiting approach. They offer the most value for organizations that need help with executive searches in the edtech sector, from directors through c-suite roles. Retained search is their specialty, particularly for newly-created management and c-level positions, with an impressive history of successful long-term placements in these mission-critical roles. They also offer transition guidance for organizations undergoing leadership changes, providing targeted training and management consulting for both newly-hired leaders and interim directors and executives, helping organizations stay on track during these periods of change and uncertainty. 

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5. Ciel

For organizations in need of global talent, India-based Ciel HR is a firm you should know about. Though it was founded more recently than other agencies on this list, in 2015, the recruiters on their team bring decades of experience to the table. Ciel has quickly built a reputation for integrity and professionalism as well as executive search placement success. They customize their recruitment process and plan to each client’s unique needs, researching the structure and mission of the organization to put each role in context before searching for the right talent to fill it. Ciel also provides Flex Staffing solutions with end-to-end employee management, helping organizations adapt to changes in their workload so they can scale to new heights. 

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6. Instinct

Instinct is the premier learning recruitment firm in the United Kingdom. Since 2010 they’ve filled international roles in the education sector, including both contract and permanent hires. Their full-service contract staffing services can solve even complex hiring challenges, whether you need a single crucial individual or to bring on a whole team, and you can count on every Instinct contractor to be vetted and fully in compliance. They are equally hands-on building their network of candidates for permanent positions, sourcing and placing international talent across the blended learning spectrum. Their areas of specialty include learning design and development, LMS implementation, technology and project management, and training design and delivery, and are ready to make top-tier placements in both higher education and eLearning environments. 

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7. TechEd Connect

TechEd Connect was founded by a former math and science teacher to connect the best educational talent today with the institutions that need it. Their recruiters understand the education industry from all sides, placing leaders who are an ideal fit in every sense, from skills and experience to attitude and culture. Along with filling executive positions in both K12 and higher education, they work with client companies to identify and resolve the issues preventing them from attracting and retaining top talent. This focus on building long-term relationships and success is what makes them a trusted edtech recruiting partner for companies across the United States. 

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Hiring the Best Edtech Recruiter for Your Needs

Just like each organization has its own unique staffing needs, each recruitment agency takes a distinctive approach to solving them. The first step to finding the right edtech recruiter is to know what you need from the relationship and the type of talent you’re hoping to find. If you’re not sure, a recruiting firm that offers consulting services will likely be the best fit, helping you refine your search criteria and hone in on the traits that will make someone an ideal hire. Between the tight talent market and the fast changes in the edtech sector, finding and hiring crucial talent can feel overwhelming. Hiring the right edtech recruiter gives you a trusted partner who can guide you through this complicated landscape.