Recruiting Services – Understanding a “Guarantee”

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Recruiting Services – Understanding a “Guarantee”

Establishing terms for contingency recruiting contracts usually comes down to two main factors, the “fee” and the “guarantee”. We’ll address the guarantee today.

Most candidates are unaware that their recruiting firm, for the most part, works on 100% commission and is not paid until a new hire has reached “guarantee”…anywhere from 30-90 days (sometimes more) from their start date.

The majority of contingency recruiting agreements include a guarantee clause, which was originally intended to address rare instances of poor performance or disconnect (misrepresentation by a company, candidate, or both). At Redfish Technology, we guarantee our candidates fully for 30 days…if anything should happen either on our clients’ or the candidate’s end within that time, we’ll offer a full refund or replace the candidate, whichever our client prefers.

What was meant to serve as a reasonable accommodation has morphed into an unconditional assurance that regardless of the circumstances, recruiting firms are being held responsible for any cause in the event of a resignation or termination of employment. At the end of the day, recruiting firms have very little control over the working relationship(s) and environment created by company & candidate.

Some examples we have heard from people over the years, none of which were a reflection of a recruiting firm’s service:

– Company hired a candidate to do a contract job (under the guise of a full time position) and then let her go on day 88 of a 90 day guarantee.
– Candidate hired as software engineer was put into a QA role.
– A hiring manager left before a candidate started their new position.
– An abusive hiring manager.
– The hiring company was suffering from undisclosed financial/legal distress.
– Company morale and/or reputation turned out to be terrible.
– Undisclosed travel (50%+, international vs regional).
– Pay cut shortly after joining the company.
– Change of scope, responsibility, title of role once employment was started.
– Company was merged/acquired.
– Company retracted their commitment to process a visa transfer/sponsorship.

The decision to hire or not hire is up to the company, and good companies take ownership in keeping their employees happy – that cannot be part of a 3rd party recruiter’s job.

A good contingency recruiting firm should find you high caliber candidates, facilitate and manage them through the interview & screening process, and give you the best odds to hire those who you ultimately want to bring onto your team. If they can’t do that, they don’t get paid.

Written by: Jon Piggins, Director of Business Development – Redfish Technology

Why are there few Women in Tech? Watch a recruiting session…

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“Tech companies have employed a host of tactics to help lift the scant number of women and minorities who work within their ranks, like anti-bias training, affinity groups, and software that scans job postings for gendered language. Yet the numbers remain dire. Of men with science, technology engineering, or math (STEM) degrees, 40 percent work in technical careers; only 26 percent of women with STEM degrees do. That means that qualified women are turning away from the field before they even get started.”
Written by: Jessi Hempel WIRED/BUSINESS
03.01.1807:00 AM

Walker Cross

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Executive Recruiter
Walker originates from a state riddled with history by the name of Virginia. He attended the University of the South where he played Lacrosse and was introduced to the Sun Valley neck of the woods by one of his friends Will Thomas.

Walker made his way to Redfish Technology and the Sun Valley area knowing his hobbies which are skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking would not be left behind. Being an avid fan of live music, you can catch Walker at any given Bluegrass, southern rock, or Phish concert.

Walker thoroughly enjoys talking with people and fostering relationships with just about anyone, speaking in favor of his position on the Sales & Marketing team at Redfish. Walker is always looking to build more relationships, emphasizing his role and passion in connecting people with their dream jobs.


Fun Facts

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?
Fettuccini Alfredo no question.

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?
I’d like to become a scratch golfer.

What’s your favorite cartoon character, and why?
Scooby-Doo. Scooby and I share the same interest in solving mysteries and eating triple decker sandwiches found in random kitchens.

What is your ideal job?
My ideal job is one where I can work autonomously and run my own desk. I thrive in fast paced environments where multi-taking is critical so jobs representing these qualities are ideal for me!

Who is your hero?
Yoda. What’s not to like about a tiny, old, green alien man that can do backflips and use the force?

What are you greatest fears?
Submechanophobia (look it up)

What is a unique or quirky habit of yours?
I follow the band Phish and use up all of my vacation days on their shows (worth it).

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Salary Information Reports: Software / IT / STEM

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Salary Information Reports:

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The Computerworld IT Salary Survey 2015 focuses on IT talent, and their report shows that there are noteworthy gains in the sector after several years of slower wage growth.

Averaging a range of positions, the average total compensation has increased 3.6% in 2015, compared to 2.0% in 2014. On average survey respondents reports total compensation for specific positions at: Business intelligence analyst $90,237, Systems administrator $71,907, Software engineer $104,156, Systems architect $117,409, Product manager $112,427, Internet technology architect/strategist $141,447.

The report states that 49% of those surveyed report that base pay is among the most important aspects of their current jobs, followed at 44% by job stability. 60% of those looking for a new job are motivated by higher compensation. Companies that require cutting-edge IT skills are offering greater salaries and bonuses to lure talented tech workers. Read more »