Will a Recruiter’s Fees Impact My Salary? by Rob Reeves, Redfish Technology – Nationwide IT and CleanTech Recruiters

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Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves,            CEO – Redfish

Will a Recruiter’s Fees Impact My Salary?

By Rob Reeves, President, CEO Redfish Technology


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked by a candidate if working with a recruiter will lower his salary. Some people think that a recruiter’s fee comes out of the same budget that a candidate’s salary comes from. “Isn’t the money for a new hire going to be split between the candidate hired, referral fees, headhunter commission, and Sally over at H.R.?” Read more »

To Counter Offer or Not to Counter Offer? Part 2

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To Counter Offer or Not to Counter Offer? Part 2

In part one of this article, we considered the costs of recruiting, hiring, and training as well costs of a bad hire and the opportunity costs involved when a valued executive’s departure leaves the company in the lurch. Can you avoid this hassle and extra cost? Should you making him a counter offer and keeping the team intact, the projects on time, the sales meeting on track, the product launch as planned?

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