Covid-19, Are you a Seaman, Antelope or Owl?  

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Covid-19, Are you a Seaman, Antelope or Owl?  

A Tech Recruiter’s Perspective


Two weeks of social distancing, remote working, homeschooling and shelter-in-place, provided a fascinating data sample of humanity in crisis.  We all come to the table with our opinions on preferred ways to handle scenarios, but these aren’t always a cut and dry right or wrong; AND every situation has numerous contingencies and exceptions providing more complexity to an already challenging global situation.  Now, add differences in culture, age (and vulnerability), population density, economic status, and industry verticals, and we get the full spectrum of reactions to this plague/flu/pandemic/virus.

As a recruiter in the Tech Sector, we have a unique vantage point observing behavior in a Market Segment estimated at 1.7 trillion USD (US portion of 5.2 trillion valuation worldwide) and it strikes me that I’m witnessing a high stakes poker game complete with all the intrigue, emotion and strategy that goes with it.  Technology has always been linked with speed (from routers and bandwidth, to applications and product releases) and of course decision making is a critical component to executing with speed. From what I’ve seen, there are three current camps on three different trajectories:

Camp 1 are Seamen seeing the billowing black clouds on the horizons and reefing the sails.  Minimizing exposure to the impact of the front, they are battening down the hatches, laying off non-essential employees or cutting product lines.  They recognize the Hurricane Covid disaster and will be doubling back to the closest safe harbor they’ve seen and trying to weather the wind and seas there.

Camp 2 are less sailors, and more Antelopes.  They see the danger, and instinct tells them to hold still, assess and do nothing until further notice.  They haven’t picked a direction (forward, nor back) as they haven’t fully processed the implications or consequences of their actions with these new variables.  Often, the advisers/investors here are cautioning action of any sort as the Antelopes may be unproven in tumultuous markets or haven’t yet shown ability to be “recession proof”.  Antelopes may be counting on their speed to make up for lost time once a definitive path is chosen.

Camp 3 are the Owls.  They’re able to see opportunities in the darkness and hunt when other animals are asleep.  Arguably, the biggest impediment to growth and increased market share over the last 10 years in the Tech Sector has been availability of talent.  The unemployment rate for Tech Workers fell to an all-time low of 1.3 percent in 2019 as companies battled for their services, tenure dropped, and salaries aggressively spiked.  An active candidate was bound to receive multiple offers and an inactive candidate was likely receiving multiple unwanted solicitations from both internal and external recruiters – leading to weariness in the process regardless of the fit or opportunity presented.  Owls see this and recognize that the Covid Crisis has simply prolonged their evening hunts while other animals remain dormant, and consequently, the previously scarce food supply has begun to replenish itself. 

Here lies the brilliance in perspective.  Just as some investors have dumped their positions,sit in cash and wait, others are taking advantage of a dip in a market that has had a 9 ½ year bull run to pick up some deep discounts.  In 1959, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy wrote a speech which cited that when written in Chinese, the word CRISIS is composed of two characters. One represents DANGER and the other represents OPPORTUNITY.  The literal translation of the characters has been debated, but the current condition we all find ourselves in begs the question:


Which is it?  Crisis or Opportunity?

Rob Reeves


Redfish Technology

Celebrating Q1 Placements – Team Redfish Gong!

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Celebrating Q1 Placements – Team Redfish Gong!


The Redfish crew celebrates each placement with a gong ceremony meant to send good vibes & gratitude to our candidates & clients. We gathered last week to celebrate our January hires; Walker Cross – three placements with 2 Fintech clients (Account Executives in SF & NYC), Jon Piggins – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (Software Engineer in Washington DC), Jon Piggins – Computer Vision/Robotics (Software Engineer in SF) and Meredith Dean with another AI client (iOS Engineer in Sunnyvale). February is off to a great start as well, so stay tuned for more celebrations!

Redfish Technology Fall Community Service Project With The Hunger Coalition

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Redfish Technology Fall Community Service Project With The Hunger Coalition



Redfish Technology teams up for this quarter’s service project to help the Hunger Coalition with their Fall harvest.  Founded in 2003 in response to the absence of a countywide system for the provision of food assistance to local individuals and families experiencing hunger, The Hunger Coalition consists of 8 inter-related programs ensuring access to basic nutrition and offering the support and resources necessary to assist clients in the transition out of food insecurity. It was our pleasure to contribute to such an important resource for our local community!

19 Companies That Are Helping to Change the World of Financial Services

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19 Companies That Are Helping to Change the World of Financial Services

By Jon Piggins, Director of Business Development

Redfish Technology


The news these days is full of cautionary tales regarding data & security breaches, ransomware, and identity theft…and while these are valid concerns for the FinTech industry, there is plenty going on in the space to feel hopeful about. One thing is for sure, there is a sea change underway in the Financial Services industry. Here are some of our favorite companies who are looking to help shape those changes for the positive.



Token’s universal open banking platform, TokenOS, allows banks and third parties to interact in a digital global financial services ecosystem. TokenOS provides one API to access all banks, with the tools to deliver best-in-class data access and payments use cases, and better open banking propositions.



The Twine app is a savings and investing app designed to help couples work towards joint financial goals. It allows couples to set up automated savings in a high(ish)-yield FDIC-insured account, or to invest their money in different portfolios.


Hippo Insurance

Hippo Insurance launched in 2015 with the deep belief that homeowners deserve better home insurance. They’ve automated the process and modernized coverage, offering policies that cover the homes and possessions that consumers own today, often with greater savings. A smarter home is a safer home: Hippo takes a proactive approach to home insurance, providing customers with smart home devices and working with them to identify and solve small issues in their homes before they become big claims.


Forge Global (fka “Equidate”)

Forge Global Inc. is a premier trading and settlement partner for a wide range of investors in the private markets. Established in 2014 as Equidate Inc, the company empowers investors and shareholders by enabling liquidity in the private markets. Forge, Inc. was founded by Y Combinator alumni and backed by top investors including Tim Draper, FT Partners and Munich Re. Forge Global’s platform allows shareholders and investors in privately held innovation firms to liquidate a portion of their shares and provides private and institutional investors access to top companies like Spotify, Lyft and 23 and Me before their IPO.


Trim is a personal assistant for your financial life. First, Trim analyzes your transaction history to show you all of your subscriptions. Then they cancel anything you don’t want to keep paying for. Now they’re working on the hard stuff… How do I get out of debt? Do I have enough money in my emergency savings fund? Will I have enough money to retire someday? Am I financially healthy?



Wyre is a leading infrastructure provider in crypto. After trading over $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency assets and completing over $750 million in bank-to-bank FX payments since 2016, they have an established network of relationships with leading banks, exchanges, and decentralized partners. Using Wyre’s API, customers are able to instantly convert fiat to crypto globally in over 50 countries, in 8 different fiat currencies, and 3 cryptocurrencies. Their focus is on compliance, licensing, regulatory, liquidity and payment processing aspects so their partners can do what they do best, creating amazing tools on the blockchain.



Veem is a global payments company trusted by over 125,000 small businesses around the world. They let businesses pay their vendors, suppliers and contractors anytime. Using a proprietary multi-rail technology, businesses can send or receive money in a click, track their payments end-to-end, and even connect to their favorite accounting software – Quickbooks, Xero, or NetSuite.



Tipalti streamlines and automates the way companies make payments to their suppliers, partners, publishers, and crowd. Tipalti brings a comprehensive solution that addresses all phases of mass pay-out from payee onboarding and payment method selection to funds disbursement, while keeping the payer in full tax and regulatory compliance.



CollegeBacker believes every child in America deserves a college fund, and they’ve already helped the next generation avoid more than $7.5 million in student loans. Whether it’s your child or a friend or relatives, you can kick off their tax-free college fund (529 plan) today at


Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning is a leader in cognitive computing. They build software that understands human communication – in many languages, across many domains, and at enormous scale, and their technology learns from experience and is able to transform data into the knowledge clients need to accurately answer questions (like what behavior indicates the potential for illegal stock trades).


Advisor Engine

Operating at the forefront of wealth management, AdvisorEngineer is reimagining how technology can serve financial advisors. Their offering is an all-in-one digital wealth management platform helping financial advisors connect more deeply, scale more efficiently and deliver better outcomes.



Tala is a leading mobile technology and data science company committed to financial inclusion globally. Millions of people have borrowed through Tala’s smartphone app, which provides instant, personalized credit to underserved customers in East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.



Earnin works on a pay-as-you-can model and is available for Android and iOS devices. You make a withdrawal of up to $100 per day based on the hours you actually worked. Then you pay a “tip” on top of the withdrawal–usually just a few bucks or up to about $15. That’s a steal compared to the fees and interest you’ll be charged on a traditional payday loan.



Uses blockchain-based smart contracts to overhaul the back office of the world’s biggest derivative markets. Its distributed ledger will allow counterparties to see payments, calculations and other vital trade information in real time, improving efficiency and lowering risk. Already partnering with world’s biggest banks and financial intermediaries.



Their mobile-ready checkout software for ecommerce sites incorporates sales analysis and fraud prevention, topped by a guarantee to cover any fraud losses. Bolt claims the integrated functions can cut checkout times from more than one minute to 30 seconds…and time is money!



Processes payments for supply-chain transactions, handling everything from “know your customer” (KYC) regulatory checks to running cash flow analytics and recommending how quickly a customer should pay a supplier.


Own Up

Yet another example of how tech can help turn a complicated process into a simple one. Own Up is a platform that works as the middleman between consumers and home lenders. Once you build your profile, Own Up can connect you to a home advisor. They will help you compare pre-qualified rates, lenders, and everything else you need before making such a big decision.



Finix Payments offers a B2B payments platform for banks, acquirers, and enterprises to enable push payments over the debit card. It also decreases the cost, headache SaaS businesses, ISVs, cost, and marketplaces experience when bringing payments in-house. The platform also gives businesses a better way to manage, monetize, and own their entire payments experience without the headaches or expenses associated with building an in-house system from scratch.



CoverWallet was started by tech entrepreneurs who worked in software startups in the past, building easy to use online products for consumers and enterprises. Frustrated with how opaque, high pressure and time consuming the management of commercial insurance was, they decided to build a better experience for other business owners and a concierge service for them. Their solution brings beautiful Internet products together with the state-of-the-art online technologies to create efficiencies, save you money, and simplify your life when it comes to managing business insurance.




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This week, we’re recruiting for featured positions across the U.S including: Account Executives on the West Coast for a Bay Area based Enterprise Machine Learning client, a Marketing Manager role with an “adaptive learning” client, Multiple Engineering positions (QA, Release Engineer, & Frontend) for a B2C eCommerce firm with offices in Downtown LA and a senior level Sales Operations Director for a Global Logistics company in TX.


Our client’s secure machine learning platform is deployed with some of the largest enterprises in the world across finance, healthcare, and technology. They empower their customers to securely unlock value from previously untouchable data, while ensuring that no data can be exposed or exploited. We are looking for enterprise account executives with a deep background in solutions selling (based in any major West Coast city).


Our client is building a leading technology company and changing the way people learn. They make software that enables institutions and organizations to create personalized learning and training experiences that help people learn more efficiently and quantify what they know. They have a wide range of clients, from leading publishers (including Cengage, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill) to online course providers (such as edX) to innovative academic institutions (like ASU and NYU. The Marketing Manager role represents a fantastic, ground-up opportunity to help change how the world learns.


This cross-platform digital technology company is focused on bringing people together to celebrate the most important life moments, from kids’ birthdays to happy hours. The company has already assembled a core team of veteran technologists, developers and product folks but they need even more people who are passionate about what it takes to make, operate and publish great consumer focused products.


Our client is leveraging AI & Machine Learning to revolutionize end to end global logistics & supply chain management. Their technology brings together data from customers, channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and partners, allowing companies to use that data in real time, with cognitive artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. They have a need for a polished Senior level Sales Operations Director for their rapidly expanding team.



Above are some of the key opportunities that are priority hires for us this week. You can find details on these jobs and other fabulous tech career opportunities on our website.



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Redfish Technology – Building Growth-Mode Tech Companies with Hand-Picked Talent.

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – August 2015

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Jobs ReportJob Growth On Course

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News


The dog days of summer saw it heating up in the Cloud Hosting, Wine Application, Enterprise Software, Wireless, and Digital Health Technology sectors. Redfish Technology placed Tech Pros in roles such as: Data Center Operations Specialist, Business Development Manager, Senior UX / UI Designer, Front End Developer, and Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – July 2015

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Jobs report okay, not great, not terrible – You ought to be in tech!

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News

Jobs Report

Tech jobs are sizzling despite the cloud coverage! In June there was heavy hiring in Cloud Hosting, Mobile Connectivity, Virtual and Augmented Reality Games as a Service, and E-Payments, Bitcoin Financial Services. The roles in highest demand were: Customer Success Manager, Lead Platform Engineer, Demand Generation Manager, and Linux Technical Support.


The jobs report showed an increase in payrolls of 223,000 Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – June 2015

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Improved Hiring, Tech Sector Nearing Full Employment: Hiring Continues to Get More CompetitiveJobs Report

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – June 2015

The job market hired more than predicted, but the unemployment rate stayed at 5.5% as more people rejoined the workforce. Tech Unemployment keeps going down and hit 1.9% last month, the lowest since June 2008. That’s nearly three times lower unemployment than in the tech sectors. With the Tech Sector nearing full employment, hiring continues to get more competitive. “Staffing firms are being hired to fill excess jobs that HR teams can’t fill internally either due to overall challenging conditions or lack of internal recruiting time and resources especially for these jobs with niche skill sets,” Meredith Amdur, president and CEO of Wanted was quoted as saying in the article Employers Turning to Agencies to Fill Toughest Jobs.


At Redfish, the hottest tech sector hiring in May were: RF Solutions, Wine Application, Security Industry, B2B Demand Generation, App Security, Customer Care & Fulfillment Center, Cloud Hosting, Mobile Connectivity, and Social Advertising Delivery Platform. Redfish Technology placed tech talent in the roles of: Chief Executive Officer, VP of Product, Commerce Operations Manager, Customer Success Managers Senior Community Manager, Web Developer, ASIC Design Engineer, Crypto/SDK Engineer, Technical Writer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Linux Technical Support, and DevOps Engineer.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy gained 280,000 jobs in May. That’s an average of 207,000 per month for the quarter, and 2015 passed the 1,000,000 jobs created mark. The jobs report showed the strongest growth in: professional and business services (+63,000), leisure and hospitality (+57,000), healthcare (+47,000), retail trade (+31,000), arts, entertainment, and recreation (+29,000), temporary help services (+20,000), construction (+17,000), transportation and warehousing (+13,000), financial activities (+13,000), computer systems design and related services (+10,000), management and technical consulting services (+7,000).



Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – May 2015

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Rebound but questions about the pace of the bounce-back

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – May 2015Jobs Report

The hot industries in April hiring were: RF Solutions, Cloud Hosting, Big Data Analytics, HealthTech, and Mobile Data Security. Redfish placed people in the roles of: Lead ASIC Design Engineer, Linux Technical Support, Client Partner, Product Manager, Inside Sales, Lead Qualification Specialist, Developer, and Linux Technical Support.

The jobs report showed growth of 223,000 Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – April 2015

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Jobs Growth Positive but Disappointing

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News

Hiring is IncreasingRedfish filled these roles last month: Western Sales Manager, Account Executive, Area Sales Director – Public Sector, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Senior Server Engineer, Product Manager, and Technical Product Manager.


The busiest tech sector hiring occurred in: Network Security, Gamification Collaboration Software, Read more »