2014 Solar Already Shining Brighter than 2013’s Sunshine Year

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2013 Sunshine Year


Last year was a banner year for solar. Approximately 4,300 MW of PV came online, that’s 27% growth over 2012 installation totals. Q3 2013 was the second largest quarter in the PV history, installing 930 Megawatts. An estimated 800 MW of CSP was expected to be commissioned by the end of 2013. All together, the new solar electric capacity added in 2013 is expected to have generated enough clean energy to power over 850,000 average American homes. Powering the demand are the dropping prices. On average the price of a PV system installed has come down 16% to $3/W, with panel prices down by more than 60% since 2011.

Renewables accounted for about 37% of the new capacity installed in 2013, looking at utility-scale development. But note that rooftop solar on home and businesses is averaging over 100 MW of new capacity every month recently. Businesses mean business when it comes to solar. The top 25 companies installing solar have amassed 445 MW of solar PV capacity across the country, that’s up from about 300 MW last year according to SEIA. The leader last year was Walmart installing 89.43 MW. Costco, Kohl’s and Apple followed with 47, 06, 44.72, and 40.73 MW respectively.


2014 Shine Bright Like a Diamond


100% of new U.S. generating capacity came from Read more »

Tech Trends: Mobile Messaging Consolidation

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Facebook’s Mega Purchase of WhatsApp for $16b + $3b in stock


Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of the 450 million-user WhatsApp makes the Instagram deal at $1 billion look like small peanuts. At approximately $40 per user that may be a pretty good buy, especially compared to pay-for-click adwords! And strategically this is better than any demographic targeting of the mobile / international / teen markets – the places Facebook wouldn’t otherwise reach so quickly even with free Facebook targeted ads! Read more »

Survey Says … North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report from Bullhorn

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Survey Says Three-Quarters ..

For the fourth consecutive year, Bullhorn has conducted its Staffing and Recruiting Trends survey. As a recruiting software editor and service provider for fourteen years, Bullhorn works daily with the external and internal recruiters providing the staffing for fast-growing start-ups up through the world’s largest employment brands. The latest survey completed in the December of 2013 polled 1,337 agency recruiting professionals and serves up interesting reading for staffing aficionados. Read more »

Top Clean / Energy Tech News to Watch for 2014 – Shout out to the Antenna Group

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Solar-Panels-file5731334413865“Antenna Announces Top 10 Energy Technology Headline Grabbers for 2014”

CleanTech Trends

What are the leading energy technologies for 2014? Antenna Group has identified these top sectors to watch via dialogue with their clients, and analysts, media and other industry influencers. Antenna Group, a Beckerman company, represents companies across sectors including renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, energy storage, finance, waste management and water, and is the nation’s largest energy technology communications firm. Read more »

Five Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2014 from Redfish Technology

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Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net ID-100142632

Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Digital marketing is the new black. It is everywhere.It’s moving, changing, morphing, penetrating, here is what to watch for in 2014.

1. 78% of CMOs Can’t be Wrong about Content!

The bulk of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of marketing.

Marketing has been departing from promotional sales information and further embracing the approach of delivering help and value to customers. The goal of engaging with prospects and the customer base is now predominantly content-centric.

As more brands take on the role of publisher and producer of branded content they are finding themselves becoming media companies. To feed the beast and continually produce content, the org chart needs more and more “editors” and “content __” roles. Read more »

Tech Trends 2014: Redfish’s Favorite Tech Trend Prognostications

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Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Redfish’s Favorite Tech Trend Prognostications


Mobile trends, Recruiting trends, Marketing trends, Health Trends, … Here’s the Top 9 Trends that Redfish Technology “likes” from many illustrious forecasters! Enjoy!


1. HR Technology: Social Media And Continuous Learning Continues To Grow In Significance – Source: Forbes.com

7 Hottest Trends In HR Technology” by Meghan M. Biro

Social media is one area that has lived up to its hype. It’s an amazing talent management, branding and employee engagement tool. For example – by creating a 3-dimensional profile of an applicant (Google the person’s name-Wink), talent simply leaps out. People’s quirks, interesting detours, offbeat skills all come to life as we learn more about people’s personalities and “real lives”. As do certain negatives like rigid ideology, or a tendency to be snarky or combative. Within an organization, social media, social learning and big data are an unparalleled communication and cohesion tool if understood and utilized correctly.


2. Recruiting Will Look More and More Like Marketing – Source: ERE.net

4 Trends to Watch for in 2014” by Melissa Bailey

Deep down, executives know they should be deliberately managing their employer brand — but don’t make the time to do it! Employer branding always seems to fall into the “important but not urgent” category, since recruiters are encouraged to focus on activities that yield more immediate results. In a recent meeting with a client, I asked them what their priorities were, and their response was “to hire 18 engineers.”  This is a very clear target – when they accomplish it, there will be pats on the back and objectives ticked off. However, focusing on short-term hiring goals won’t make recruiters jobs easier in the long run: they will have just as much work to do when they need to hire engineers next year. Read more »

“Cleantech To Turn the Corner in 2014” Predicts Kachan & Co.

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“Cleantech To Turn the Corner”

Dallas Kachan

Dallas Kachan

Predictions For Cleantech in 2014

By Dallas Kachan


Continuing a tradition since 2007, once again we bring you some end-of-year thoughts about where we think the cleantech investment theme is going.

Our cleantech-specific analysis and advisory firm Kachan & Co. focuses on this space. We publish research reports. We get briefings from companies introducing new technology. We publish a cleantech analysis service. We’re quoted in the press. We pore over what’s going on in the world in clean/green tech markets and have made some informed calls over the years, like China’s cleantech dominance, the rise of efficiency technologies and the downturn in cleantech venture capital funding.

This year, we’re of the opinion that industry-watchers should take heart. Especially if you’ve been on the page that cleantech is past its prime or otherwise unworthy of your attention of late. Why? Because we’re more optimistic about the year ahead in cleantech than in our last two years of predictions (read 2012 and 2013), which were uncharacteristically negative for a firm that’s often been something of a cheerleader for the cleantech space. Read more »

Tech Trends – The 5 to Watch from the Consumer Electronics Association

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The 5 to Watch from the Consumer Electronics Association

Tech Trendsjohnny_automatic_robot

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently published its latest edition of the annual 5 Technology Trends to Watch. These are technology trends that are predicted to influence the consumer electronics industry in the future. Those key technology trends are: Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, digital health care, robotics, and the future of video distribution and consumption. Read more »

IT Pros / Software Engineers: How Does Your Salary Compare?

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IT Pros / Software Engineers: How Does Your Salary Compare?

Indeed.com Screenshot Software Engineers & Developers Salary

Indeed.com Screenshot

Glassdoor’s 25 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers, The Redmond IT Pro Salary Survey, Salary Information from Indeed.com, Payscale.com, and Redfish Technology.

Glassdoor survey

Glassdoor.com is a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. The “employee generated content” is all posted by employees, job seekers, and sometimes the companies themselves. Now with nearly 3 million salaries and reviews, there is plenty of information available to consider when to making your next career decision. Read more »