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Semantic Technology Trends

Tech Trends & OpportunitiesSemantic Technology Trends


Redfish Technology works with some very interesting technology companies, and by virtue of this arena we meet a lot of interesting people. Part of the allure of tech recruiting is the opportunity to be involved with so many exciting people and companies, and typically at especially exciting growth phases in their trajectory.


Semantic technology is a great example. Expert System, a unique big data firm specialized in semantic intelligence technology, is a growth-mode client leading the industry with cutting-edge patented technology that allows for semantic differentiation in big data.


Semantic technology solves the problem of managing and getting value out of the mega-oodles of unstructured information throughout the enterprise. We enjoyed their white paper on semantic technology trends for 2014.


Trends include “Findability” (need that one for my car keys), “Natural Language” (which we see from Siri to Google’s recent keyword search result approach), and “Social Insight”.


Further trends include: The linguist programmer becomes essential to meaning and contextual relevance; enhancement of the power of current assets; and knowledge and skills mapping within large organizations to maximize efficiency and expertise.


Read all about the technology making waves this year according to Expert System.


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