The Best of Best Places to Work …

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The Best of the Best Places to WorkThe Best of BPTW …


If Best Places to Work is on your radar, you probably see it all the time. And BPTW comes in many flavors: the best in a State, the best in an industry, the best in the country, etc.


The latest flavor I noticed was the BPTW for Millennials. Congratulations to the top picks in each category: Ergodyne, Capitol Chevrolet Cadillac, Navy Federal Credit Union as well as all the companies recently selected from among 4,000 US companies for the best places to work for Millennial employees in America recognition. Given that Millennials are now the largest workforce in America, this is an important recognition.


The BPTW in the Bay Area celebrates companies that have exceptional workplaces that their employees value highly. Kudos to InfoObjects, ZenPayroll, SOAProjects Inc, PureStorage, and Workday for prioritizing practices, culture and values that drive engagement. When employees are happy to go to work and proud of their employer, they are more productive and Read more »

How to Hire the Best Candidate: Get Out of Your Own Way

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Shannon Tinker

Shannon Tinker

How to Hire the Best Candidate: Get Out of Your Own Way

By Shannon Tinker

Last month, I offered some pre-resume reviewing steps for preserving time and sanity during the hiring process.  Hiring isn’t rocket science.  You get approval, decide what you want and need and then go about finding “It.”  What’s surprising is what happens when you do find “It.”  Managers make tough decisions daily, yet when faced with a viable candidate they don’t always make their move.

Even veteran managers accumulate reasons for why they shouldn’t extend a job offer to the right candidate. I’m not suggesting that you should jump on any candidate with Java on his resume and a pulse.  (This isn’t 1999!)  But it is interesting and heartbreaking when “best practices” and fear get in the way of hiring your next star employee. Read more »