Recruiting Priorities: Ad-Tech Platform, Postage and Ecommerce Shipping Solutions, Game Development Technology 6-3-2014

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Redfish Technology Tuesday Jobs Madness Recruiting Spotlight


We will be changing up the Tuesday Jobs Madness to shine a spot light on some key priority opportunities each Tuesday. As always we will have the highest priority jobs listed in the Redfish LinkedIn Group under the Jobs Discussion tab. In a few weeks we will move to using our LinkedIn Career page to showcase the priority jobs we are recruiting for. All jobs will continue to be searchable on our website.

Spotlight on killer career opportunities:

Ad-Tech Platform company hiring Sales positions on the East Coast and the Southwest region Read more »

National Solar Jobs Census Reveals More Solar Jobs than Texas Ranchers, California Actors

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National Solar Jobs Census Reveals More Solar Jobs than Texas Ranchers, California ActorsNational-Solar-Jobs-Census-California

Clean Tech Trends

The Solar Foundation, a 30-year old nonprofit organization, released a special report last year, and an interactive map this month, revealing the nationwide state of solar jobs.


Last year’s National Solar Jobs Census 2012 reported that the U.S. solar industry was employing 119,016 people. This represents 13,872 new solar jobs and a 13.2 percent employment growth rate over the previous year as compared to overall economy growth of only 2.3 percent at best. One in 230 jobs created nationally over the last year was created in the solar industry.


Drawn from Bureau of Labor Statistics, and reported by CNNMoney, apparently there are now more solar workers in Texas than there are ranchers, more solar employees in California than actors, and nationwide more solar workers than coal miners. Read more »

Employee Coaching: Does it Work?

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Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

Robert Teal

Employee Coaching: Does it Work?

By Robert Teal, CCP, CBP

Employee coaching takes on many faces and many roles: training and development, performance improvement, and advancement and additional responsibility. All of us are recipients and purveyors of coaching, often without realizing that it is even occurring. Although many organizations have formal coaching and development programs directed at a select group of high performers, coaching takes place every day with virtually every employee. Coaching should not be confused with a structured training program or a “command and control” management style, the latter being best described as check your brains at the door.

Consider something as simple as an exchange between an employee and their manager about the style of an upcoming presentation and its audience. Within that exchange are both explicit and implicit coaching cues and signals. While signals dealing with the topic, time, date, place, audience members, length, format, and roles may be very unambiguous; cues such as the tone of the manager’s speech and body language can and do send very subtle clues which the employee will implicitly recognize as directions. Both parties may be completely unaware of these faint cues; nevertheless, they are communicating desired and undesired behaviors. The analogy is similar to a baseball bat vs. a flyswatter, both may get the job done, but the bat is going to leave a lot more collateral damage than the flyswatter. Read more »

Priority Job Opportunities in High Tech from Redfish Technology

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Priority Job Opportunities in High Tech from Redfish Technology

Great Career Opportunities & Priority Jobs from Redfish Technology – This week’s priorities include: Director positions in Digital Media and Online Advertising, Senior Product Manager & Marketing positions in Mobile Infrastructure  & in Media, Sales Superstar positions in Media, 3D Direct Modeling, Software as a Service. Development and Engineering positions in Networking, Wireless, 3D Mapping, Distributed Computing. Read more »

Is now the right time to hire?

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Is now the right time to hire? from the Redfish Build Your Top Team Newsletter, April 2010

Hiring Projections 2010

According to a survey by CareerBuilders, twenty percent of employers anticipate increasing fulltime, permanent employers, which is up 14% over 2009. Positive economic indicators include the decrease in the jobs lost each month over the last several months.  The main industries to be effected by the planned hiring increase are information technology, manufacturing, health care, transportation, financial services, professional and business services, and sales. While companies continue to watch their expenses, there are salary increases planned for existing staff according to the survey. However, the 2010 Salary Guide by Robert Half reports a small decline in the base compensation for many IT positions is slightly declining by an average of 1.3 percent next year. Read more »