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Tech remains strong, “substantial” hiring anticipated.staffing, recruiting, employment news image


December placements by Redfish Technology were heavily weighted in the Mobile Video Advertising, Disruptive Social Platform, Customer Optimization Services, and Cloud / SaaS sectors.  The positions most heavily recruited and hired at the end of the year were Full Stack Java Lead Engineer, Senior Java Engineer, Java / Software Developer, SDK Product Manager, and Senior Pre-Sales Solution Consultant.


Tech hiring was hot in December despite the holidays shortening the time available for hiring managers. According to the year-end Dice survey, technology employment is strong and will be off to a great start in 2014. The Dice survey includes nearly 900 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters. Read more »

Staffing & Employment News: October Beat Expectations

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Staffing & Employment News

October Beat Expectations


October payrolls exceeded forecasts at 171,000 (private payrolls hit 184,000), and revised August and September numbers were up a net of 84,000. New job creation was led by professional and business services (51,000), health care (31,000), retail trade (36,000), leisure and hospitality (28,000), and construction (17,000).  The Monster Index, measuring online job demand, increased by 2% in October. Read more »

Staffing & Employment News: Disappointing Jobs Report, But Confidence and Strong Numbers Elsewhere

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Staffing & Employment News

Disappointing Jobs Report, But Confidence and Strong Numbers Elsewhere

Friday’s jobs report disappointed with only half (120,000) the jobs created in March compared to the month previous. ADP had announced just prior that the U.S. private-sector employment rose by 209,000 in March. For the three months through February, an average of 245,000 payrolls was added monthly, marking the strongest gains since 2006.


Goods-producing industry employment rose 31,000 after a 29,000 gain in February. For the latest month, manufacturing increased 37,000; construction dipped 7,000; and mining inched up 1,000. Inventory building was a key driver of growth in the October-December quarter.


The unemployment rate nudged downward to 8.2 percent from 8.3 percent – a fall of nearly a full percentage point since the summer. The U.S. economy grew 3 percent in the final quarter of 2011, the best pace in a year and a half.


Prior to March’s employment report, employee confidence reached its highest level since October 2007 according to the latest Randstad Employment Report, hitting 55.5 in March. This is the third month of consecutive increase. Joanie Ruge, senior vice president and chief employment analyst for Randstad U.S. said “It seems as though optimism in the employment picture is outweighing any mixed signals being given by other economic reports. In fact, the Index confirms, from a frontline perspective, an optimistic and hopeful outlook around the number job openings, job stability and the future strength of companies. Although the latest Index still remains five points below the historical high, it also stands 15.4 points higher than our Index’s all-time low of 40.1 in January 2007.”


And American CEOs are also seeing increased momentum for U.S. Economy according to the Business Roundtable’s First Quarter 2012 CEO Economic Outlook Survey. CEOs expressed improving expectations for sales, capital spending and employment, with a notable increase to 96.9 in Q1 of 2012, up from 77.9 in Q4 of 2011. In terms of the overall U.S. economy, Business Roundtable members estimate real GDP will grow by 2.3 percent in 2012, up from last quarter’s estimate of 2.0.


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Staffing & Employment News from Redfish Technology

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Staffing & Employment News

Gloom and confidence, contradictory predictions on hiring and profits


Gloomy employment report numbers a surprise

The Employment Report for June has been called “moribund” and “abysmal”. On the eve of the report however, ADP predicted month-to-month strength in private payroll data, estimating a 157,000 gain. Other analysts also predicted better gains, projecting 125,000 in June. Instead, the BLS reported private payrolls at 75,000 and overall nonfarm payrolls at 18,000 due to declines in government sector employment (39,000 in June, 48,000 in May).

Confidence down despite projected rise in profits

The Conference Board measure of CEO Confidence dipped in the second quarter to 55, after rising in Q1 to 67. Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center said: “CEO confidence cooled considerably in the second quarter, a reflection of a sluggish U.S. economy. Looking ahead, expectations are that this slow pace of economic growth will continue. Regarding the outlook for profits over the next 12 months, the news was a bit more favorable, with about 70 % of CEOs anticipating profit increases.”  Read more »

High Tech Job Trends – “A sure sign we are moving in the right direction.”

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High Tech Job Trends – “A sure sign we are moving in the right direction.”

There is some movement in the Tech sector, and it is in the right direction.

The TechServe Alliance Monthly Employment Index for September showed a leveling off for that month, and a small year over year increase of 1.8% in IT employment. The CEO, Mark Roberts, reports that the TechServe Alliance members “continue to report increasing demand for their services with many candidates in high-demand skill-sets receiving multiple offers; a sure sign we are moving in the right direction.”

“In tech, both full-time and contract hiring have been in lock-step with recruitment activity in both up about 50 percent since the lows in mid-2009.” Tech hiring has risen steadily throughout 2010, according to Dice senior vice president Tom Silver. Dice reports the highest demand positions are: Java developers, database administrators, virtualization specialists and project managers.

The Robert Half Q4 2010 Employment Report offers these statistics based on its survey of executives. 6% plan to increase hiring in professional occupations in Q4 on a net basis. 86% are ‘somewhat’ to ‘very’ confident in their companies’ growth prospects this quarter. 47% report finding skilled professionals to be challenge. Read more »