What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

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Work/Life Balance

– part 2

In December we looked at some tips for people to achieve work-life balance and put forth our own survey. Click to view the results of the Redfish survey. This month we focus on various approaches companies are taking to address work-life balance, and reap benefits from the mobility and flexibility that technology facilitates and more and more employees desire.

What Are Employers Doing About Work-Life Balance? And What are the Employer Benefits?

This month, there are several articles on strategies that companies are employing to not only help their employees achieve better work-life balance, but also impact the company’s bottom line. BestBuy, Citrix, Microsoft, Google, and more companies than you think have programs to address work/life balance and employee satisfaction, many include some form of telework (a.k.a. telecommuting, workshifting, remote work, location-neutral work, and doubtlessly some other terms). Read more »

Dynamic Workplace: “Adapt or Die”

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Microsoft’s The Evolving Enterprise website offers this video entitled the “Dynamic Workplace”.

This discussion features The Future of Work’s Dr. Charles Grantham, author of Corporate Agility, andBrian Collins, Microsoft’s Global Workspace Strategy Manager, US, Real Estate and Facilities. This 12 minute video presents a very interesting dialogue on the benefits of workplace flexibility and the significant shift in how we work, play, learn and live. Read more »

Green Job Trends . . . Three Million Green Jobs!

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Green Job Trends

Three Million Jobs and Counting!

You have got to love it! And you’ve got to read the new Clean Tech Job Trends 2010  report just released by Clean Edge and The SJF Institute. This month in our look at Green Job Trends, we focus on the new CleanEdge report. Here are some of the highlights from our perspective:

Top Jobs Sectors

The top five sectors for clean-tech job activity in the U.S. are solar power; biofuels and biomaterials; smart grid and energy efficiency; wind energy; and, new to the list this year, advanced transportation/vehicles.

Top Locations

The Top 15 metropolitan areas for clean-tech job seekers in the U.S. were little surprise based on where we do most of our work in green job placements. 

  1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA
  2. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, CA
  3. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH Read more »