Why Employers Should Include a 48-Hour Expiration Date in an Offer Letter – By Meredith Dean, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

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Why Employers Should Include a 48-Hour Expiration Date in an Offer Letter

By Meredith Dean, Executive Recruiter, IT Division

Meredith Dean, IT Recruiter

The whole point of any hiring process is to fill a current hiring need. The hiring process isn’t done until it’s done. That means getting the offer letter signed and assuring that the candidate arrives at the new employer on the appointed day.


So as soon as the ideal candidate is identified: make the offer, manage the variables, and minimize the risks to successfully hiring him/her. Read more »

How Do I Out-Compete My Rivals for the Best Talent? By Rob Reeves, CEO, President Redfish Technology, Nationwide High Tech Recruiters

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How Do I Out-Compete My Rivals for the Best Talent?

Rob Reeves, CEO, Tech Recruiter

Rob Reeves, CEO, Tech Recruiter

Recruiting Outside the Box

By Rob Reeves, CEO, President Redfish Technology, Nationwide High Tech Recruiters


Companies compete to give customers what they want.


By now the strategy of giving your customers what they want is ubiquitous, the days of getting any color car as long as it is black are long gone. Those companies that can give customers the best widget at the best price the most quickly via the delivery method of their choice wins the day. Many a company has dwindled and died for lack of ability to tune into the customers’ desires. Many an underdog identified a niche opportunity to meet an unmet need in the marketplace and running with it secured a leadership role in the industry. Read more »

The Best Cities To Work In – Glassdoor Employment Satisfaction Report Card

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The Best Cities To Work In

Glassdoor Employment Satisfaction Report Card

GlassDoor Blog Thumbnail


In the new Glassdoor survey respondents ranked the best cities to live in in terms of employment satisfaction. Overall employment satisfaction was compared by city, with factors such as compensation and benefits satisfaction, senior management satisfaction, expectations for company outlook, and the number of employers hiring per city taken into consideration.


San Jose and San Francisco took the lead at a score of 3.4 – Way to go brother friars! Each city is home to five Glassdoor’s Top 50 Best Places to Work for 2013 companies: San Jose (Google #6, LinkedIn #14, Agilent Technologies #30, Intel #31, Apple #34) & San Francisco (Facebook #1, Riverbed Technology #3, Chevron #13, Workday #19, Salesforce.com #22). The top five were in a photo finish! Seattle, WA also scored 3.4, with Salt Lake City, UT and Washington, DC nipping at its heels at 3.3 each.


Software Engineer was the top in-demand job in 4 of the top five cities, and among the top three in-demand jobs in 7 of the top ten cities on the report card. Program Managers, Systems Engineers, Business Analyst and Sales Associates ranked high in the top cities, and Personal Trainer was in the top three in San Diego, proving that the economy must truly be in recovery.


When you are considering relocation, employment satisfaction surveys like this are a great source of information among othes. For other important criteria to consider, read Redfish recruiter Leah O’Flynn’s article “Should You Move for a Job?


Check out the complete results:


CleanTech/High Tech Trends: Startup Hiring & Retention Struggles

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Startup Outlook 2013-SVB

Startup Outlook 2013 – Silicon Valley Bank

CleanTech/High Tech Trends: Start Up Hiring & Retention Struggles, Silicon Bank Survey Reports

Hiring and Retention of Tech Talent is a Challenge.


“Every time I meet with a group of tech company CEOs they say the same thing: hiring world-class talent is one of their biggest challenges. They struggle to find, attract and retain the engineering, scientific and technical talent they need to grow their businesses.” – Greg Becker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley Bank.[plus1 count=”true” size=”standard”][/plus1]

Read more »

Recruiting, Staffing & Employment News – Stable but Slow, Employees Have Optimism Confidence

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Recruiting, Staffing & Employment NewsBusiness People

Stable but Slow,
Employees Optimistic


Despite ADP’s optimistic report of 215,000 new private sector jobs, the U.S. Department of Labor reported gains of 168,000 in private payrolls, which was slightly higher than analysts’ forecasts. The overall growth in employment including government cutbacks netted an increase of 155,000. November payrolls were revised upward.


The goods-producing sector rebounded by 59,000 in December after a loss of 1,000 in November. Construction jobs also showed gains of 30,000 following a November dip of 10,000. Manufacturing increased 25,000 over a small increase of 5,000 the month before. Read more »

Cyber Monday E-commerce Records / Productivity / Hiring

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Cyber Monday E-commerce Records / Productivity / Hiring


Cyber Monday e-retailing predictions!2011 Top Retail Shopping Days


Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving’s online shopping extravaganza. It is the online retail equivalent of Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day.


In 2011, Cyber Monday was the biggest day in the history of US e-retailing at $1.25 billion in online retail sales, and beat the other top holiday shopping days.

  Read more »

Pre-employment Screening; The New Player That Every Office Needs on Their Team.

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Pre-employment Screening; The New Player That Every Office Needs on Their Team.

From mega staffing firms to big time industries, from companies of communications and technologies to the small town restaurant owner simply searching for a few good servers; every business is faced with the same fears and problems of hiring that new employee. Pre-employment Screening can help bring some answers to these problems.

Most of us have worked in a time where a reference from a potential employee actually meant something. Remember when a resume filled with diplomas, past jobs, and community services truly displayed the character and essence of a person?  Unfortunately, the days of a sturdy handshake sealing the deal have simply slipped away. 

With the dawning of a new era, we have adapted and conformed to reality.  We still hire new employees and expect a trustworthy relationship, accepting them into our circle.  Now, we use a new team player which is at our fingertips to help us. 

Pre-employment Screening is the strategic opportunity which gives the employer the potential to avoid hiring a harmful or even inappropriate employee.  Pre-employment Screening is that new player.  It is very accessible to anyone looking for that help.  The choices of avenue are numerous. So, like that coach who seeks out that perfect player for his team, an employer must also find the right Pre-employment Screening Company which fits, best with his team members.

There are many Pre-employment Screening companies who adhere strictly to the internet. All exchange simply consists of emails.   They remind us of the companies out there who have a computer generated phone system.  The allusive customer service representative is never to be found.  This type of Pre-employment Screening Company is not totally off basis.  In our fast paced society, this is the perfect solution for companies who find human contact an interference and obstacle in trying to meet their daily deadlines.  To be honest, that screening company fits perfect with many employers and their members.  They are the perfect team player.

Let’s swing to the other side of the spectrum.  What about the other employers who enjoy service, and want a personal touch?  There is a choice for you also.  Pre-employment Screening does not have to simply be only an email away.  Look for that Screening Company who has a healthy balance.  They are out there also and will have that person to talk you through your problems until you find your answer.  They are found to be efficient and personal at the same time. 

No matter which way your company swings in the scenario, your Pre-employment Screening team member is out there.  It is crucial you find the right fit for you and your team members.

While Pre-employment Screening has the potential of being this year’s MVP, it is facing some game changers and issues which have come about.  Yes, Pre-employment Screening might enhance the safety of you and your fellow workers or save financial loss, it might simply help an employer save face; but it is a subject which is growing and facing its own difficulties.  This “new team player” or “rookie” is arousing a lot of attention and not all of it is good.  It looks like Pre-employment Screening will have to play by some rules.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs background checks under federal law, but now there are a number of state issues that must be measured when selecting applicants for employment.  With all 50 states being involved, to specify every state mandate, restriction, compliance, imposing and limitation would be too numerous and tedious to describe.  The Associated Press, Washington, published April 25, 2012; announced “New gov’t guidance on employee background checks”.   Trends are showing that while Pre-employment Screening will be regulated more and more by states and government, they  will still multiply and that will lead to mutual escalations in effectiveness but also in difficulties.  It seems, just like every game played by a team, the Refs have come out with new ways to enforce rules and change the way the game is played.  Like every good player, Pre-employment Screening is too valuable to lose.  It is here to stay and will adapt and learn to conform in every situation.

Now getting back to your team, be sure you are making a team effort in the hiring of an employee.  Utilize the skills of others around you.  Only you and your coworkers can decide “how a person fits into your company”, or “will they meet the qualifications that are necessary for this role?”, “do they possess the skills needed for this precise position?” 

Now it’s time to bring in your “new player”.  Let him finish up the process by closing some vital questions.  “Has this person been honest on his facts presented in his resume?” and “do they have any history of violence which may concern the safety of your staff and company?”  Lastly “is this person trustworthy and reliable for this position?”

Remember, superstars alone don’t win championships.  A Pre-employment Search alone will not find the valued employee and answers you and your team is looking for, but solid united teams do!  Utilize all of your team members in this team effort.  Pre-employment Screening will be an amazing addition, and by reforming your efforts, you will recruit the person who fits impeccably with your office team. 

That team will be the one who will lead you all the way to the end zone!


About the author:


Dawn Chalupnik is an Accounts Marketing Manager/Writer at Express Services. Express Services offers Pre-Employment and Background Information reports. The company’s website is: www.ExpressVerify.com


Staffing & Employment News: April showers?

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Staffing & Employment News

April Showers Turn Out to be a Drizzle. 


April didn’t shower us with an abundance of jobs; with an increase of only 115,000 net, and 130,000 in private payrolls. This slow-down disappointed after March’s 154,000 new jobs and February’s 259,000. The biggest gains were in professional & business services at 62,000, retail trade increased by 29,000, health care rose by 19,000, and leisure & hospitality added 12,000. Goods-producing jobs increased by 14,000 after a 38,000 rise in March. Read more »

Tech Trends: Job Cuts, Hires, Hot Spots

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Tech Trends

Job Cuts, Hires, Innovation Sectors and Tech Job Hot Spots


Even as job numbers are improving, some big technology companies are cutting jobs. Yahoo!’s announced it would be laying off two thousand workers in an effort to become more profitably focused on Core Media and Communications, Platforms, and Data. HP plans on organizational realignment to improve performance and drive profitable growth across the entire HP portfolio. Google cut several thousand contractors (temporary workers) but those cuts aren’t included in official layoff numbers. Other companies that have announced or are contemplating layoffs include IBM, Sun, AMD, Applied Materials, Akami, Symantec, and Cisco. Nonetheless, nationwide, planned job cuts declined in March to the lowest level since May 2011, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.


The sectors that may absorb some of this tech talent includes: clean tech, alternative energy, biotech, new media, and web 2.0. Big companies that are currently hiring include: Achaogen, Geron, Bio-Rad Labs, Kelly Scientific, Adap-tv, techVenture, and FaceBook. There are also a large number of small start-up companies that are hiring, some working on entirely innovative value propositions and some contracting for functions the big guys have outsourced.


Tech growth is largely in mobile, search, and more broadly communications, where U.S. companies are world leaders. Tech recruiters are thriving, as these sectors lead the growth. Read more »