Staffing & Employment News – July 2010 Newsletter

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The Job Market is Soft But Growing

While overall employment fell in June for the first time this year (largely due to the winding down of the federal census employment), private employment (exclusive of government jobs) increased for the 6th month in a row.  ADP reports the addition of an estimated 13,000 workers to private payrolls in June, indicating slower job growth than expected. The Commerce Department revised the GDP to 2.7% from 3%, however CEOs and staffing companies see hiring increased.

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Reinventing Recruiting … After the Recession

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Reinventing Recruiting … After The Recession

By Kristan Kennedy

 The Year We Wish … Didn’t Happen

 I don’t know about the rest of you hiring gurus out there, but 2009 is a year I’m glad is gone.

Think back to the end of 2008 as a recruiter. I was confident!  I walked into the office one September morning expecting to schedule ten interviews for solid startups in California. Focused on the details of scheduling a dozen strong candidates, I was ill-prepared for the day’s headlines. The Dow plunged 650 points. Lehman collapsed. Market confidence plunged in tandem with the Venture money that backed my companies and my world – It happened quickly, shockingly.

Seven of my companies froze hiring in the next 24 hours. Silicon Valley Venture Capital money flow dried up like a Sahara drought. Candidates calling “looking” for jobs increased tenfold in the ensuing weeks, scared of impending layoffs.  Even my hiring managers were sending me resumes!  For staffing specialists like myself, it was the “great depression” of technology recruiting – and my business disappeared in a week.   Read more »

Staffing & Employment News – May 2010

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Staffing & Employment News

From the Redfish Technology May Newsletter.

According to Bloomberg, the growth in corporate profits is an encouraging sign for a V-shaped recovery. The economy is expected to grow at 4% this year, which is up from the 3% prediction derived from a survey of economists earlier this year. This capital will be invested in equipment and hiring according to Joseph LaVorgna, chief U.S. economist in New York at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Read more »

Priority Jobs in High Tech & Green Energy

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This week’s top priorities, hot opportunities, and great all around career positions:

#16314 Senior LAMP Developer. Mobile Advertising/Marketing Solutions

#16224 Software Engineer. Video Technology Applications.

#16356 Software Engineer / Web Developer. Social Media.

#16357 Software Engineer- EV/HEV. Power Management & Conversion Systems.

#16382 Program Manager – EV/HEV. Power Management & Conversion Systems.

#16373 Electrical Engineer-EV/HEV. Power Management & Conversion Systems.

#16299 Business Development Manager/Director. Software as a Service

Search all jobs on the Redfish Job Search Page, and check the priority jobs and discussion on Linked In Group: Redfish Technology: Jobs in High Tech & Green Energy

Changing Jobs or Careers. Is now the right time?

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Changing Jobs or Careers. Is now the right time?  from the Redfish Find Your Dream Job Newsletter, April 2010

Recent surveys have shown a lot of dissatisfaction and uncertainty in the workplace, as well as staff cuts, many employees didn’t get a pay raise or bonus in 2009. Is it time to look for another job?

First of all, are companies hiring? Read more »

What is my return on investment when using a head hunter?

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What is my return on investment when using a head hunter?

That is a good question!

How do you quantify the time and manpower employed to locate top talent with the best company fit?

If you are in a smaller company, you probably have to invest you own time, time that you are not working on your business objectives, or you may have an administrative or junior colleague trying to understand the experience and skills you need and balance their own job duties.

If you are in a larger company, you may even have an HR or internal recruiter. What is often missing is the ability to access top talent, across industry segments, whether from competitors or partners. One way to put a number on it is to ask yourself what you could have accomplished during the time you were looking for the right person, and how much time you spent with a potential candidate who didn’t meet your hiring objectives.

Redfish Tech is a nation-wide recruiter. We specialize in High Tech and Renewable and Alternate Energy sectors.

We have 15 years of experience and extensive networks in these industries. We can pull talent from all across the continent, and locate the right person quickly. We qualify candidates in terms of both experience and skills, and as regards company cultural fit.

We partner with companies to streamline the process and get the right person within your time frame so that you can focus your time and energy on your core competencies. Redfish has access to top talent who may not be actively looking for a job, and we often are the first to know when experienced people have started looking for their next opportunity to contribute to a new company.

We partner with you and put our extensive recruiting experience to work for you.  We undertake the advertising, perform background checks, keep you informed as to job market conditions, and offer salary and benefit recommendations based on industry trends.

We work on a retained or contingency basis, depending on the needs of your company and the difficulty of filling the position. A partnership with Redfish gives you a greater competitive edge and improved bottom line. Now that is worth taking to the bank.