Tech Trends – Tech Deal Volume Down, M&A Activity Improving; IT Jobs Increasing

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Tech Deal Volume Down, M&A Activity Improving; IT Jobs Increasing

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Tech Trends – PwC’s U.S. Technology M&A Insights, and TechServe Alliance’s monthly IT Jobs Tally


Year-over-year technology company deal volume has fallen, shrinking to 2009 levels. However M&A activity being pushed by private equity buyers taking a more active role in the second half of the year, according to the second quarter PwC report. IT Jobs have increased across sectors for the 24th month in a row.


Deal Volume Down, M&A Activity Improving


PwC is bullish on the last half of 2013 and 2014: “New announcements provide positive momentum, and as the US economy continues to improve, growth in emerging economies stabilizes, and difficulties in Europe and Japan are addressed, the improved clarity will create a fertile environment for technology volume to grow.” Read more »

Tech Trends – The Software Industry

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Tech Trends – The Software Industry

Saas Job Trends graph

PwC’s Technology Institute’s report the Global 100 Software Leaders investigates the trends that are shaping the software industry.


SaaS (software-as-a-service), mobile device proliferation, consumerization of IT are trends that are forcing software companies to re-think everything about product development, pricing, marketing, and delivery. Competition for the talent in this evolving market place has reached the proportions of a “talent war”.


“As we all know, cloud computing enables a new business model—the selling of software as a service, either by subscription or as a true pay-as-you-go usage model. Add the explosion of mobile devices, the ubiquity of wireless networks and the consumerisation of IT, and you get further innovation—and confusion—in business models.” (PwC Global 100 software leaders) Read more »

IT Trends: Employment at an All-Time High

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IT Trends:

Employment at an All-Time High

“IT employment has surpassed its previous all-time high—an encouraging sign not only for the IT services industry, but the economy at-large,” stated Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe Alliance. “Given strong demand for IT talent, high wages these professionals command and the benefits of IT to the broader economy, policymakers should do all they can to create an environment which encourages such work to be performed in the United States,” added Roberts.

TechServe Alliance reports that IT jobs reached the high at 4,107,700 adding 13,300 jobs in January, a monthly record that surpasses the previous all-time high set in September 2008 when IT employment reached 4,088,600. According to revised BLS numbers, IT employment grew by 3.4% in 2011 (compared to 1.5% in 2010). Read more »

Staffing and Employment News

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Staffing and Employment News

Recruiting Forecast

Recruiters and hiring managers forecast modest job gains in early 2012, according to a national survey conducted by Dice Holdings Inc. released on November 28. In fact, almost half (47%) of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed said they plan additional hiring during the first half of the year. 43% of hiring professionals said that despite the economy, hiring plans have not changed; 21% are increasing hiring, and 30% are revising hiring plans downward.

“With so much uncertainty in the air when it comes to the economy and job creation, it’s a surprisingly positive sign that nearly half of respondents are optimistic about hiring at the start of 2012,” said Scot Melland, chairman, president and CEO of Dice Holdings. “Although modest in size, we’ve added private-sector jobs for 20 months now, and that modest job growth looks set to continue. We need to focus on removing any hurdles that impede companies from investing in America’s talent.” Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving! Let us tell you what we recruiters are thankful for:

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Happy Thanksgiving!




This is a time to take a break, appreciate that which we have, enjoy our family and friends, and reflect on the possibilities in the universe.

Let us tell you what we are thankful for:


The growth and opportunities that Clean Tech and Information Technology sectors offer.
• According to the monthly index published by TechServe Alliance, the number of IT jobs increased by more than 7,000 month over month, rising to 4,064,500 jobs in October – that’s an increase of 2.2% over October 2010.
• The clean energy sector is growing at 8.3%. Annually from 2003 to 2010 solar thermal energy grew by 18.4%, solar photovoltaic power by 10.7%, biofuels by 8.9%, and over the last five years the wind energy industry saw 35% average annual growth.

  Read more »

High Tech Job Trends – June Newsletter

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High Tech Job Trends

According to the TechAmerica Foundation’s 13th Cyberstates 2010 report, the American high-tech industry saw jobs decrease by 245,600 in 2009, that is 5.9 million workers.  This 4% decline is however better than the private sector’s 5.2% decline overall. Software services saw job growth of over 10,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009, a 1% increase. Read more »