Salary Information Reports: Software / IT / STEM

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Salary Information Reports:

Software / IT / STEMCash Money salary compensation


The Computerworld IT Salary Survey 2015 focuses on IT talent, and their report shows that there are noteworthy gains in the sector after several years of slower wage growth.

Averaging a range of positions, the average total compensation has increased 3.6% in 2015, compared to 2.0% in 2014. On average survey respondents reports total compensation for specific positions at: Business intelligence analyst $90,237, Systems administrator $71,907, Software engineer $104,156, Systems architect $117,409, Product manager $112,427, Internet technology architect/strategist $141,447.

The report states that 49% of those surveyed report that base pay is among the most important aspects of their current jobs, followed at 44% by job stability. 60% of those looking for a new job are motivated by higher compensation. Companies that require cutting-edge IT skills are offering greater salaries and bonuses to lure talented tech workers. Read more »

Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand

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Tech Salary Trends & Skills / Positions in Demand


When it comes to salaries, a Bachelor’s Degree in STEM is hard to beat.


STEM leads the pack. Engineers not only rule the world, they are rocking the earnings. Mid-career salaries are highest for Petroleum Engineers, followed by Actuarial Mathematics, Nuclear/Chemical/Electronics & Communications Engineers according to’s recent survey on the majors with the biggest impact on future earnings. Read more »

Tech Trends: Hiring and Salaries Projected to Increase in 2012 by Major Research Firms.

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Tech Trends

Hiring and Salaries Projected to Increase in 2012 by Major Research Firms.


The newly published Robert Half 2012 Technology Salary Guide provides projected average starting salary ranges for more than 70 IT positions and features the five mid- and senior-level tech professionals that are highest in demand. Mobile media is the main impetus for the highest growth technology, as smartphone use and tablet adoption continues to grow.

Average starting salaries for 2012 are predicted to go up over 2011 levels across the board. The Senior Management increases range from 3.0% to 3.9%, Applications Development functions between 2.0% for technical writers and 9.1% for mobile applications developers.

The tech industry paid an annual average wage of $86,800 in 2010, 93 percent more than the average private sector wage of $45,000 according to CyberStates 2011.

RHT forecasts that tech firms top hiring priorities (and starting salary ranges) in 2012 will be:

1. Systems Engineers ($70,250 – $102,000) and Networking Engineers ($75,000 – $107,750) Read more »

High Tech Job Trends

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High Tech Job Trends

from the December 2010 Newsletter

Tech Job Demand

According to the new Salary Guide 2011, by Robert Half Technology, the majority of CIOs find that understaffing is interfering with their ability to implement new technologies and that it a challenge to find IT talent with the right skills. A rebound may occur as projects previously deferred or promising a high return on investment are rolled out. The report lists demands highest for these skill sets: programming, business analysis in concert with project management, ERP technological proficiency, security, infrastructure support, networking, and electronic medical records. Read more »