Social Recruiting – What You Need To Know

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Social Recruiting – What You Need To KnowSocial Recruiting – What You Need To Know

Buzz buzz buzz – Social Recruiting is all the buzz.

But is it more than a fashion trend to catch your attention? Will it really help you to hire? What do you really need to know about social recruiting?


So what is social recruiting?


It’s called having a conversation –


Social recruiting has been around since before there was a term called social recruiting. It’s basic human nature to talk about opportunities to your friends and people you like. And there’s an obvious head start in terms of cultural fit if you are reaching like-minded people through your network, so yes, social recruiting is an important way to acquire new talent. Read more »

Tech Trends: AdTech Companies are Hot!

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AdTech Companies are Hot!AdTech Companies are Hot!

Ad technology companies are hot, with some selling for as much as eight times what they earn before taxes. With the massive migration to mobile, there’s a particular run on mobile adtech firms.


Adtech merger and acquisition activity was furious in 2011 (60 deals valued at a total of $4.5 billion according to investment bank Coady Diemar Read more »

Crowdfunding Update Signals Increased Revenue, Jobs, and Deal Flow

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Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Read the full report from Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Crowdfunding Pioneers Sherwood Neiss & Jason Best reported recently on about on early successes for crowdfunding companies. This update is based on interviews and surveys with 87 companies utilizing rewards, debt, and equity crowdfunding are exciting: sales are up, and investment is growing.


Increase in Sales


Company executives at companies who have concluded successful rewards, equity, or debt campaigns reported that quarterly revenues grew by an average of 24% Read more »

Recruiting Priorities: Publishing and Marketing, Enterprise Software, Big Data, Cloud Computing Jobs 10-15-2013

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Recruiting Priorities in Publishing and Marketing, Enterprise Software, Big Data, Cloud Computing Jobs

2013-10-15-Priority-Jobs-WordleRedfish Technology Tuesday Jobs Madness

This week our top recruiting priorities are for Senior Services & Software Engineers – Publishing and Marketing Platform; Junior & Senior Java Engineers – Enterprise Software-Big Data; Technical Support Engineer – Data Center-Cloud Computing; and Read more »

The Top 100 Web Resources for Managers

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The Top 100 Web Resources for Managers


Managers are asked to fulfill numerous duties in order to keep an organization well balanced and working efficiently. Whether they’re overseeing specific projects, meeting with employees or assisting hands-on with daily functions, a manager’s role is to make sound business decisions that keep the company ahead of the competition.

The following list recognizes some of the top websites and blogs in multiple categories including Management, Human Resources, Operations Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, Finance, and IT Management.

There were many factors that went into the selection of these sites including web presence, number of visitors, content quality and peer recommendations. Each site offers a unique perspective on the subject of management and leadership in a business setting. In order to navigate to each management category, click on the section you wish to go to at the top of the page. Please note: websites are not listed in order of rank. Read more »

Building an Organizational Social Media Policy

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Anna Mathieu

Anna Mathieu

Building an Organizational Social Media Policy

By Anna Mathieu, Marketing Communications Manager, Redfish Technology


Social media as a marketing tool for spreading a business’ name and mission has become invaluable in many industries. A company’s social media marketing strategy aims at building the company brand, recruiting new talent, fostering collaboration and communication, and driving innovation.

When considering a social media policy, a company must consider the opportunities and threats in terms of: a) employee work-related social media use, b) employee personal use of social media on-the-job, and c) employee personal use of social media outside of work. The use of social media by employees both at work and off work can have both positive and negative consequences, ones that should be thought through by each company in light of their marketing strategy, company mission, and other individual aspects. Read more »

Staffing & Employment News

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Staffing & Employment News

Losing Momentum

Friday’s BLS economic report clearly shows that momentum in the labor market has stalled: nonfarm private payrolls increased by a meager 17,000, but as government payrolls declined by 17,000 the net job creation for August was nil. This is the lowest increase in private payrolls since February 2010, and the 4th consecutive month of weak growth. In the last consecutive 18 months, the economy did add 2.4 million private sector jobs.

What is the problem?

 The pundits cite: The Verizon Communications strike that caused decline of approximately 45,000 in nonfarm payrolls last month. The recent federal debt ceiling debate fiasco, the S&P downgrade, and the stock market debacle of August. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index published for the month also showed a sharp decline. The lack of demand is by far the largest problem, leading to this slow pace of hiring, especially in small firms in “core” services. And yet, thankfully, for the moment layoffs have not picked up.

Staffing Professionals Predict

Staffing organizations and recruiters seem to have a more optimistic projection. Read more »

The 4P’s RIP? The New 4P’s of Marketing

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Traditional marketing theory has for years been based on a fundamental principle known as the 4P’s. It was all something to do with Product, Place, and the Price of fish if I remember correctly. We’re in a different world from the one when they emerged. It’s now the ‘age of abundance’, massive customer choice, overcapacity, 24/7 connectivity, multi-media, global competition, rapid change, information overload, and significantly greater market transparency – the customer now has much more control.

I honestly think that it’s time to forget those 4 P’s – In my humble opinion, the original 4 P’s are Passe, Past it, ‘kaPut’ and Pointless. So I offer you a new set of P’s for the ‘age of customer control’, and conveniently, I’ve come up with 4 (pity this isn’t a podcast, because you’d have 4P’s in an iPod!). Anyway, here they are:


As consumers we’re constantly bombarded with advertising messages – one estimate I came across the other day suggests we see, hear, feel or touch over 1500 a day! Many are irrelevant and irritating- is it only me who’s tired of seeing a fat opera singer going on about insurance on the TV? We’re also putting up more barriers to stop them getting through: apparently 72% of adverts are skipped by people with PVR’s like Sky+ in the UK, record numbers of people are ‘opting out’ from receiving ‘junk mail’ through mail preference schemes, preventing ‘cold calls’ by being ex directory, and enabling ‘Spam Filters’ that block unwanted emails are common place.

Today’s successful marketeers recognise that it means getting ‘permission’ from prospects and customers. This means making stuff relevant and interesting, it means targeting and building relationships with people who WANT to do business with you. Forget unwanted intrusive, mass marketing to huge databases or frantically giving out and collecting as many business cards as possible at your next networking meeting to build a huge mailing list. Remember, size isn’t everything! Better to develop relationships with smaller groups of people who are genuinely interested and have bought in to what you have to offer. ‘Blogs’ and ‘social media’ are real evidence of this, as are websites like this – people choose to engage when it suits them.


Today’s customers want dialogue, not diatribes. 76% of people don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertisements. Forward thinking businesses are having ‘conversations’ with their customers and prospects. When was the last time you actually had a ‘conversation’ with your customers (about the things that count, not just the weather, TV celebrities or the outstanding invoice!). Research suggests that over half of business leaders believe that they do not engage in true dialogue with their customers. Why not give your customers a ‘damn good listening to’? Build feedback mechanisms into your business, get customers to give you their opinions and ideas, ‘test’ things out with them, set up networks, user groups and forums, and collaborate. Break down the barriers and make it easy to have two way conversations in ways that suit your customers, not just you.


This is the real ‘battle ground’ for competitiveness. 49% of customers say that their customer experiences are ‘bland’. ‘Performing’ means creating a ‘remarkable’ customer experience (that’s ‘remarkable’ as in worth remarking about). It’s not about a ‘one off’, it means ‘performing’ consistently and continually looking at ways of doing it better. What are the key elements that make up your company’s ‘performance’? It could be your products, your pricing, your service, anything in fact that gives you the ‘edge’. It’s vital that it’s the stuff that your customers say is important.

Winning businesses think in 3D – they are Dramatically and Demonstrably Different. In this world of endless choice, being the ‘same as’ gets you nowhere. It’s not just about being different, but letting people know you are different. What does your business do to demonstrate your ‘Dramatic Difference’? Do you actually have a ‘Dramatic Difference’? Consistency in ‘Performance’ develops ‘trust’ and ‘trust’ creates a bond. This not only means improved customer retention and loyalty, it also produces greater referrals and recommendations. How does your ‘performance’ build trust with your customers?


‘Proliferation’ happens when people start talking about what you do. Word of mouth is rapidly becoming more and more important in reaching customers and potential customers. 93% of people claim that ‘word of mouth’ is one of the most reliable sources of information (up from 50% in 1977), and texts, mobile phones, email, websites and ‘social media’ are making this easier.

Good news (and bad) spreads quickly. Remember, word of mouth only works if there’s something worth talking about. Today’s successful marketeers have a strategy for maximising ‘proliferation’ – not by overt ‘marketing hype’ but by energising their market place, becoming part of the community, by standing out from the crowd, and creating that buzz – a lot of it comes back to that ‘Demonstrable Dramatic Difference’!

As customers, we’re becoming more prone to trusting our peers, friends and colleagues when it comes to buying decisions rather than the adverts we read, see or hear. Think about your own recent purchasing decisions – how many of those were prompted or influenced by word of mouth? So how do you measure up? When it comes to marketing, are you in the old world or the new one? Why not revisit your approach to winning and retaining business and work out what the new 4P’s mean for you? In the meantime, may P’s be with you.

Andy Hanselman is a recognised expert in improving business competitiveness. He writes, speaks and consults on business competitiveness, sales, marketing and customer care issues. For more information visit:

Author: Andy Hanselman