CleanTech Trends: Industries That Will Be ‘Green’ Hot in 2013!

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CleanTech Trends:Solar Panels

Industries That Will Be ‘Green’ Hot in 2013!


Solar Panel Manufacturing, and Green & Sustainable Building Construction including Energy Efficiency are leading the green sectors in terms of fastest growing industries for 2013-2017. According to IBISWorld Inc.’s Top 10 Fastest- Growing Industries report the Green & Sustainable Building Construction looks set to surpass 20% growth year over year from 2013 through 2016, reaching $124,693M in 2013 and attaining $287,868M by 2017. Solar Panel Manufacturing is predicted to grow by between 4 and 11% each of the consecutive years 2013-2017, with revenue forecast at $5,030M in 2013 and $6,828M in 2017. Read more »