Recruiter Fees: What Are You Paying For?

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Recruiter Fees:  What Are You Paying For?Check-Box-red


The hiring process is a long one, most of the time. Recruiting the talent you need is an art form in and of itself. Whether your company is a start-up under the gun to bring in revenue or obtain funding, or a seasoned organization launching a new product or ramping up in a competitive market, the opportunity cost of being stalled out in job posting mode is enormous. But what do you get when you contract the services of a search firm?


Recruiting fees cover a range of services, each tailored to the needs of the company.


Generally, a contingent search firm’s services may include:


Pre-Hire Process Streamlining

  • Help with crafting a job description; Defining the skills and attributes needed for a successful hire
  • Understanding priorities, timeline, process, department needs, company culture
  • Setting up communication & feedback loop methodology Read more »