Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

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Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Solar, PV manufacturing, Wind, Clean Energy, Storage, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, and Performance Contracting. We are recruiting for Sales Director, Project Development Manager, Engineering Director, Sales Engineers, Analysts, Controls Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Lighting Construction Manager, and more.  Here are the top priorities of the week: Read more »

Hiring the Right Candidate: Set Bait, Cut Bait

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Shannon Tinker

Shannon Tinker

Hiring the Right Candidate:
Set Bait, Cut Bait

By Shannon Tinker

While staffing industry pros are acutely aware of the ins and outs of finding and closing candidates, I’d bet the rest of the world doesn’t spend much time contemplating the hiring process. In fact, during a candidate rich market, employers may land their dream candidate by skipping a bunch of hiring “steps,” including “the close.” But what happens when the market shifts?

An improving job market isn’t all roses and smiley faces. Simple supply and demand dictates, and unfortunately a flourishing job market also, lead to losing more candidates to competing opportunities. While tragic, some losses are unavoidable. Yet, other times a quick re-read of the “Closing Candidates 101” handbook may give you the upper hand.

Closing the right candidate really requires little or no sales ability whatsoever and is remarkably simple. Really. Read more »

Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

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Priority Green Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top green career opportunities are in Energy Efficiency, Photovoltaics, Electric Vehicles, Clean Power, Fuel Cells. We are recruiting Engineers, Construction Managers, Director of Sales, Solar Development Director, Project Managers, Sales Executives, Analysts. Here are the top priorities of the week: Read more »

Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology 6/21/2011

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Priority High Tech Jobs from Redfish Technology

This week’s top high tech career opportunities are for Global Sales Director, Business Development Representative, Director of Corporate Sales, Director of Channel Sales, Inside Sales and Pre-Sales Engineer, Program Managers and Product Managers, .NET Software Developer, Lead Architect, Senior Tech Support Engineer. Industries span Cloud, Virtualization, Software as a Service, Middleware, VoIP, Wireless Networking, Oil & Gas; and more! Read more »

How To Evaluate a Job Offer

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How To Evaluate a Job Offer

Congratulations! You’ve received a job offer. Now what?


First of all, ask yourself if you want this job. Hopefully you spent the time up front to evaluate the company and the position prior to pursuing it.  Sometimes things happen faster than you expect and you haven’t fully explored the opportunity. There are a lot of important aspects to research and consider when you are evaluating an employment opportunity. The more you know before the offer, the better position you’ll be in.

A company’s values, vision and corporate culture are going to fundamentally affect you on a daily basis. Does the company you are evaluating motivate and speak to you? Do you feel like it will be a fit with your personality and work style? Just as dating someone with a fundamentally different belief system would be a great challenge, so will working for a company where you do not buy into the mission and vision. Read more »

Lower Private Payroll Numbers than Expected. Why?

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Staffing & Employment News

Lower Private Payroll Numbers than Expected, partially due to Re-entry of Discouraged Workers in April?

The jobs market gained momentum over the last few months; in the prior three months the number of jobs added averaged 220,000. The May figures released today however came in lower than expected. While private-sector employment added 83,000 jobs, this was a disappointing reversal of previous months’ growth. Expanding Industries include professional and business services (+44,000), health care (+17,400) and mining.

When an economy is healthy, monthly payrolls gains of around 150,000 are considered healthy; in order to recover from a downturn economists expect increased upwards of 250,000 monthly.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics release questions whether the May numbers are a temporary soft spot or a new trend. Severe domestic weather is not apparently a factor according to the Labor Department, but high energy prices and Japan’s continuing challenges probably are.

“There are good reasons to suppose the third quarter will be better because we have seen some easing in commodity prices, gasoline prices are starting to come down and the bad effects on vehicle production of the Japanese problems will start to unwind,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts, reported Reuters.

The good news is that initial jobless claims have eased from elevated levels. And while the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent last month from 9.0 percent in April, this is probably due in part to the re-entry of discouraged workers who were motivated by the April hiring momentum, and re-entered the job market.

Do You Have Your References in Hand? You Should!

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Do You Have Your References in Hand?

You Should!


Whether you are an active job seeker or not it is always good to be prepared.

Obviously if you are on an active job search, you want to be prepared. Some hiring processes are lengthy, but sometimes a job offer can come faster than you anticipated. If you have your references together, you demonstrate your professionalism and preparedness to move.

What if you are perfectly happy where you are and haven’t even thought of looking? Read more »

Staffing & Employment News: Gaining Traction, Momentum Continues

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Staffing & Employment News

Gaining Traction, Momentum Continues

We had good news on the hiring front last week as the Association of Executive Search Consultants proclaimed 2010 to be the “Year of Resurgence” and the Business Roundtable’s first quarter 2011 CEO Economic Outlook Survey anticipated higher sales, increased capital expenditures, and additional hiring over the next six months, as well as a predicted real GDP growth at nearly 3% in 2011.

The Jobs Report backed up this optimism last week; March’s payroll employment gained 216,000, higher than the 200,000 predicted. January & February revisions were also higher by 7,000. While this is below the approximately 300,000 jobs needed on a monthly basis for significant impact on the unemployment rate over the next 5 years, it does surpass the 150,000 needed to keep pace with population growth. Read more »

Staffing & Employment News – Redfish Technology Monthly Newsletter

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Staffing & Employment News

Respectively Healthy Improvement

Before the revolutions started driving oil prices up, there was some heady optimism. It persists despite the anticipated impacts of expensive oil. Americans must be feeling optimistic, “auto sales reportedly rose 27% in February”, NPR reported, “as the economic recovery continued and consumers felt more comfortable taking on a car payment.”

The jobs report today showed a “respectively healthy gain” for the month of February, at 192,000, and December and January revisions were up a net 58,000. Professional and business services, health care, transportation & warehousing, construction, mining, and manufacturing all showed increases. ADP estimated yesterday that February’s private payrolls increased by 217,000 (a little higher than today’s report), and the Monster employment index went up 7 points to 129 in February with a sharp pick-up in online job recruitment. Read more »

Determining Market Worth, By Beth Cliff, Executive Recruiter, Redfish Technology

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Determining Market Worth

Beth Cliff

Beth Cliff

By Beth Cliff,  Executive Recruiter, High Tech Engineering Talent Manager

Knowing what you are worth in the marketplace, or determining how to compensate a prospective employee can be a daunting proposition. Candidates want to obtain the optimum salary, while employers want to fairly compensate their new hires within their allotted budgets. The magic number that will leave both sides feeling good about their decision is in large part determined by the ever changing marketplace.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen some interesting trends in the marketplace. It’s no secret that finding your dream job, and corresponding compensation, the past few years hasn’t been easy. Many talented professionals found themselves unexpectedly looking for new roles. Read more »