Networking Opportunity at the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair

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Greg Schreiner

Greg Schreiner, Author of "Breaking Into Green"

Come Network with us
at the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair

By Greg Schreiner  

Of the many things I enjoy about recruiting, networking with green energy professionals is at the top of my list.  I will have an amazing opportunity to do this at the Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair, February 16th, 2011 in Berkeley, CA. 

CEO of Redfish Technology, Rob Reeves, will be participating on a panel discussing the Transition from High Tech to Green Tech and I will be talking with industry leaders and professionals on how to break into Green.   

Many professionals see the GreenTech sector as the next growth market and want to finds ways to transition into various industries with in this sector.  I have been actively involved with many different professionals with varied backgrounds from varied industries, helping them find ways to redevelop or rebrand themselves to make this transition.  Read more »

Redfish Technology on Panel & Sponsor of Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair February 16 Berkeley CA

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Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair & Redfish TechnologyRedfish Technology on Panel & Sponsor of Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair

February 16 Berkeley CA

Looking for a job in green energy or cleantech? Looking for excellent talent for your green company? Redfish Technology, executive recruiters in high tech and green energy, will be at the inaugural Green Jobs & Entrepreneurship Fair. Redfish CEO Rob Reeves will be discussing the green tech and alternative energy job market.  Be there: February 16th from 1:30 to 5:30 pm in Berkeley, California at the Green Jobs and Entrepreneurship Fair.

Read more »

Happy Holidays from Redfish Technology

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Redfish Team 2010 Portait Holiday FestiveHappy Holidays and New Year!

Redfish wishes you and yours a happy, healthy holiday full of good times and restorative repose. As we close out 2010 at double last year’s production, we truly hope that the recovery is gaining a strong foothold for everyone.

We are committed to our client’s future and look forward to continuing the many meaningful partnerships we have in place, as well as building new ones. Prospects are looking up for many in our sector, and there are a lot of exciting challenges and opportunities ahead.

Our New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is to continue to fulfill our mission of providing the most progressive recruiting service in partnership with our clients; upholding the highest standards of honesty, integrity, excellence, and performance; and having a productive and enjoyable year.

We wish you the very best throughout the holiday season – talk to you soon!

“Today’s Job Seeker Report – 2010 Edition” – from Simply Hired

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Job Seeker Preferences

Simply Hired, Inc. published their “Today’s Job Seeker Report – 2010 Edition, A survey of job seeker behaviors and motivations”. The report is based on over 75 user polls conducted on their website; this is what the job seekers said:

Tech-Savvy & Social Job Seekers

Internet is the number one channel for job search, with 86% of job seekers looking for jobs online. Social media is also a vital tool for today’s job seeker—32% find jobs through networking which is moving online, with LinkedIn (45%) and Facebook (24%) considered the most effective social networks for job search.

Passion for Work

Although jobs are currently hard to come by, the main career goal in 2010 for 83% of job seekers was to find a job they love and not “just a job.” Read more »

When is the Best Time to Look for a New Job?

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Beth Cliff

Beth Cliff

When is the Best Time to Look for a New Job?

By Beth Cliff, Executive Recruiter, High Tech Engineering Talent Manager

The old adage follows that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one.  While this may still hold true, the reality of today’s economic climate dictates that many excellent candidates are finding themselves unemployed and in the midst of a job search.  There are pros and cons to both classifications of candidates – those who are employed and those who are not, when it comes to identifying your next career opportunity.  What I have found over the years as a Recruiter is that no matter what your motivation for seeking a new opportunity, preparation and attitude are key. Read more »

Credentials, Please

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Credentials, Please

Credentials?  Qualifications?  Well, what sort of professional development have you done lately?  In today’s uber-competitive, ever specialized workplace having an additional set of skills is absolutely critical for career advancement.  Whether it’s LLM, PMP, CCIE or MBA, the acronyms can be dizzying but from my vantage point it takes certified, specialized knowledge and training to really pass muster these days. Read more »

Priority Jobs in High Tech & Green Energy

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Did you know Redfish has a LinkedIn Group with a Job Board and discussion?

Check it out! On Tuesdays we post priority jobs. For example, these exciting opportunities in High Tech & Green Energy were just posted:

#15992 Engineering Manager. Solar Energy.

#15848 Sales Account Executive. Software/Digital Media.

#16265 Application Engineer. 3D Conceptual Mapping.

#16133 Corporate Account Executive. 3D Conceptual Mapping.

#16126 Staff Software Engineer. Software/Digital Media.

#16263 R&D Software Engineer. Targeted Advertising Software.

 #16230 User Interface Developer. Social Media Analytics.

#16171 Web App Security Engineer. Information Security Firm.

#15665 Senior Mechanical Engineer – Structural Analysis. Renewable Energy.

#16132 Principal Software Engineer .Wireless Optimization Products.

#15970 Architect Wireless-Mobile. Wireless Optimization Products.

#10025 Senior Software Engineer (Web Proxy). Wireless Optimization Products.

Linked In Group: Redfish Technology: Jobs in High Tech & Green Energy

Is now the right time to hire?

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Is now the right time to hire? from the Redfish Build Your Top Team Newsletter, April 2010

Hiring Projections 2010

According to a survey by CareerBuilders, twenty percent of employers anticipate increasing fulltime, permanent employers, which is up 14% over 2009. Positive economic indicators include the decrease in the jobs lost each month over the last several months.  The main industries to be effected by the planned hiring increase are information technology, manufacturing, health care, transportation, financial services, professional and business services, and sales. While companies continue to watch their expenses, there are salary increases planned for existing staff according to the survey. However, the 2010 Salary Guide by Robert Half reports a small decline in the base compensation for many IT positions is slightly declining by an average of 1.3 percent next year. Read more »

Changing Jobs or Careers. Is now the right time?

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Changing Jobs or Careers. Is now the right time?  from the Redfish Find Your Dream Job Newsletter, April 2010

Recent surveys have shown a lot of dissatisfaction and uncertainty in the workplace, as well as staff cuts, many employees didn’t get a pay raise or bonus in 2009. Is it time to look for another job?

First of all, are companies hiring? Read more »

Do you have the right employees to take advantage of the coming boom?

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Do you have the right employees to take advantage of the coming boom?

– by Barry Shamis

Good market. Bad market. Nothing has changed. It still remains that the only sustainable competitive advantage is the quality of your people.

No one knows when the current market problems will take a turn for the better. But, only a complete cynic believes that it won’t. Read more »