REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish Technology – Team Building Events!

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REASON #5 – Why You Should Work at Redfish technology – Team Building Events!

Work hard, play hard…we put in plenty of long days serving our clients & candidates, but make sure to balance it out with some seriously fun times, including trips to; Vegas, Napa, SF, Seattle, Halloween parties, Charity Balls, Golf Tournaments, Marathons.

Redfish tech is one of those special companies where we can put in 10+hr days and look forward to hanging out together outside of work (including Thanksgiving dinner at Leah O’Flynn’s next week!).




Team Redfish supporting Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families @ the Share Your Heart Ball

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Team Redfish supporting Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families @ the Share Your Heart Ball

What an amazing night…not a dry eye in the house when we got to hear the stories of the kids, parents, siblings & caregivers dealing with the diagnosis of pediatric cancer. All paddles were raised @ the @redfishtech table to make donations…including 13yr old Claribele Reeves who gave $100 of her own savings to contribute. Thank you @camprainbowgold !

“Experience the magic of what happens when people come together to create emotionally empowering experiences for Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Camp Rainbow Gold is an oncology camp, a sibling camp and a family camp. It’s a teen support group and a college scholarship program. Camp Rainbow Gold is a celebration of life.

In one night we come together to celebrate our heroes – the families, the doctors and nurses, the volunteers and the friends who stand alongside Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer.

All proceeds supports Camp Rainbow Gold’s annual programs and helps keep every program free for the families we serve.”

Build a Successful Team Without Breaking the Bank

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Build a Successful Team Without Breaking the Bank


  • Identify the needs. Take a look at a 1, 3, and 5 year plan as best as can be estimated and list out the roles that you can anticipate needing.
  • Triage: The art of prioritization.  One of my favorite reminders to myself throughout my work week is that there is a difference between urgent and important.  Urgent things tend to get attention, but sometimes it is at the expense of important things.  For example, a ringing phone is urgent, now.  We need to answer it, and if it goes much longer, the caller is going to hang up.  So we stop our work and we answer it even though it may not have been the top of our list of important items.    Finishing a presentation for a client or investor may have been a better use of your time but you sacrificed it for the ringing phone.  Same is true for hiring.  Identify which roles are the most important to fill (sometimes a role is urgent AND important) and focus on filling those first.
  • Big Picture: Just because you’ve prioritized, doesn’t mean you’re wearing blinders.  You’ve taken the time to identify your needs and preference of hiring order, but the world isn’t always equally so organized.  If a resume comes across your desk that fits a hire you had targeted for next quarter, don’t discount it solely due to your preconceived schedule.  Sometimes the best candidate is available a little early, and if you can be opportunistic in your hiring, you can grab great talent when it’s available.  We’ve all been in the situation where waiting a month or a quarter costs us 3-4 more months of searching and interviewing rather than bringing someone up to speed.  Let’s avoid that if possible!
  • Working with recruiters. Recruiting can be expensive so be smart.  It goes without saying that you should always mine your own networks first – not only do you save a recruiting fee, but you also often times have a built in reference for the candidate.  However, if  you do decide to use a recruiter, here are some tips:
  • Find a recruiter you like, trust and that has a track record of performance
  • Give them the big hiring picture and the immediate priorities
  • Give them clear guidelines and feedback – this saves everyone time and money
  • Decide what type of recruiting arrangement works best for your needs (contingency, mutually committed, or retained) and then build a relationship with your recruiter. Having recruited for almost 25 years, I can promise you that relationships matter here as much as they do everywhere else.  If a hiring manager is committed, respectful and responsive, recruiters will move them to the IMPORTANT  file- even if others seem more urgent…


Rob Reeves is the CEO of Redfish Technology ( and has recruited in the Technology and Clean Energy sectors for over 2 decades.  He lives in Sun Valley, Idaho with his wife and two kids.

Team Redfish Banging the Gong for New Placements!

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Team Redfish Banging the Gong for New Placements!

Sending out good karma to all of our recent placements in; Security, AI, Machine Learning, EdTech, AdTech, FinTech, HeathTech, Computer Vision & NLP. We light a candle, share some words of gratitude, and bang the gong in the name of each of our candidate placements and our clients…

Idaho Leader PODCAST – Give it a listen!

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Idaho Leader PODCAST

Rob Reeves, Idaho CEO of Redfish Technology, By Ben Davidson

Idaho Leader podcast: Rob Reeves

Rob Reeves, CEO of Redfish Technology, based in Hailey, Idaho shares his award winning company culture with the community, job seekers, and the Idaho Leader Podcast.  Whether he’s recruiting a software engineer into an exciting company or snorkeling with his employees during their 90 minute lunch period; Rob shares his desire to do work that’s rewarding, fun, and betters the world.


Give it a listen!

Recruiting Success Stories: Jermaine Chism, Cloud Hosting

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Jermaine Chism

Linux Customer Technical Support – Cloud Hosting

Jermaine Chism, Recruiting Success Story

Working closely with hiring managers at Linode to find the right talent, Redfish understands that this early leader in the cloud hosting industry continues to be a leader because of the company’s uncompromising passion about being the best Read more »

Redfish Technology Snags Place in Top Ten “Best Places to Work”

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Redfish on the #BPTW List for the Third Year Running

Best Places to Work 2015

POPULUS has named Redfish Technology among the top ten Best Places to Work in Idaho for the third year in a row. The award is given for the company’s efforts and commitment to creating engaging workplaces.


Redfish Technology is thrilled to announce it has been honored as a ‘Best Places to Work’ in Idaho honoree for the third year running. In 2013 and 2014, Redfish won first place in the micro employer category. On April 16, the rankings for 2015 will be revealed, stay tuned to see if Redfish makes it to #1 for a third year!


Being honored as a BPTW company is important because the recognition attests to a company’s commitment to its staff, customers, and community. “We truly care about our Redfish family and our community,” affirms Heidi Clark Read more »

Redfish Rocks Out at the Share Your Heart Ball 2015

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The 2015 Share Your Heart Ball wasn’t voted “Best of the Valley” for Best Charity Event for nuthin’.

It was another rocking great time with inspiring people sharing fabulous stories. The community really comes out to support Camp Rainbow Gold, the oncology youth camp. Many individuals and companies generously donated great silent and live auction items, and paddles were raised to donate cash. Attendees engaged in a variety of games, enjoyed a lovely dinner, and then enjoyed the groovy tunes of No Limits.

Redfish Technology made a strong showing this year with a company 12-top table. The fishes tried their hand at the wine ring toss, sent up pine cone prayers, and not-so-quietly bid at the great variety of silent auction items. When it came time to donate the group raised paddles high all around the table! Then we headed to the dance floor and cut that rug!

Redfish Tech Paddles High at SYHB

Redfish Tech Paddles High at SYHB


Redfish sends out a big thank you to the Share Your Heart Ball leaders and volunteers. Your work is so important and valuable to so many and we salute you and appreciate the opportunity you have given us to contribute. And you throw a great party too!


Rob & Eric Dancing at SYHB 2015

Rob & Eric Dancing at SYHB 2015


For anyone who doesn’t know, the Camp Rainbow Gold has grown from a week of camp to year-round programs that include five camps, teen support groups, college scholarships and other programs across the state of Idaho dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with cancer and their families.


The Share Your Heart Ball is the primary fundraising event benefiting Camp Rainbow Gold’s programs and each year more than 400 of the region’s most spirited and generous guests join together for an incredible evening of socializing, fine dining, impressive live and silent auction bidding and dancing late into the night, all with the purpose of giving these children joy and hope.




Recruiting Success Stories: Feng Hong, Cloud Hosting

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Recruiting Success Stories:

Featured Placement – Feng Hong

Customer Support Specialist – Cloud Hosting

Feng Hong

Hiring aggressively but with a rigorous process, Linode’s ever-growing customer base and offerings necessitate top quality Linux technical support professionals. As an early leader in the cloud hosting industry that continues to be a leader in virtualization hosting, the company strives to provide the best service and technology. Proud and protective of Read more »